Is this Love?

This is my first Movella about One Direction :) It's about a girl called Charlotte who sees the boys crossing the road but they don't realize a truck is coming straight for them. It doesn't take a second for her to start running across the road and diving infront of the truck to save them.. read on to find out what happens ;) (BTW.. In this story, none of the guys have girlfriends) ;) xx JUST LIKE TO ADD THAT ON THE 23RD OF MARCH, I SAW ONE DIRECTION IN BIRMINGHAM! BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! <3


5. Competition.

"Guys, this isn't funny anymore. All this journey, you two have been glancing at her out of the corners of your eyes to check her out. I'll admit it, she's extremely pretty, but she's my sister and if you hurt her, you'll have me to deal with." I look at him in disbelief. Louis thinks I'm pretty but he's also being protective even though I've literally just become his sister! This is too cute for words. "Look Louis, I'm sorry but she is so hot, it's insane! I know that you've just fostered her and stuff but lay off a bit, I mean, just be happy for us? You've got a new sister and me and Niall are just going to be fighting to get her attention whilst she's living with us, just remember, she saved our lives, the least we can do is show our affection to her, I haven't felt this way in a long time." Harry looks at both of them with pleading eyes and says: "Fine. One foot out of line and neither of you will be out with your friends for a week.. she's family now." They nod and look glum as they come back to the car. I decide to keep quiet because at the moment, all I feel like doing is screaming.. Harry Styles thinks I'm hot. Niall Horan thinks I'm hot. The two of them are going to be in competition trying to get my attention.. I go bright red and turn my head away from both of them and drift into a deep sleep. 


I wake up to the scenes of countrysides around the car. It looks like we are right in the middle of nowhere, just miles and miles of green. Its so different to home. Home is factories, cars, people, buildings, London. I have no idea where we are, but there is trees, bushes, crops, plants, tractors. I have no idea what my new school will be like, I'm hoping there will be nice people there but I doubt it. Luckily for me, I can't go for at least another 3 months so I guess that means that the guys will be looking after me for a while! I open the window and the smell of fresh life pours through, I can see vibrant colours, different shades and occasionally the odd bee or butterfly. Harry places his arm across the back of the headrest and pulls himself closer. I can hear my breath getting sharper and have to tell myself to calm down. He points to a huge mansion in a meadow and simply says "Home." For once, I felt safe, like I belonged somewhere.

We pull up to the building itself and I can see that it has three floors and at least 6 rooms per floor, there's a huge swimming pool in the back garden and about 5 cars parked on the drive. I don't understand how anyone could have this much money. I stand gawping at everything whilst Niall and Harry help me out of the car and into the chair. Louis hands me the keys to the front door and lets me do the honors. "Welcome to your new home Charlotte." Louis states as the front door swings open.

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