Bestfriend or Boyfriend?


6. Make ups!

            I wasn't feeling so hot on Friday. I got a mild cold. But, I couldn't skip school, I needed to keep my grades up. Now, that two people hate me, I guess I could focus on that more? Hah. Not even. I walked up to my locker, ignoring Ava. I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone. 

             "Mads? You okay?" she asked sweetly. "Did Lou tell you what happened?" I asked, taking my books out of my bag. "Yeah, I can't believe that happened." she said. I stopped for a moment. I shook my head and continued to get my books. "He probably told you how I'm such a bitch, right?"

        "Not even.." she murmured. What? "Well, I thought he hated me.." I said. "You're not even close." What the hell is she going on about. "Ava, do you know something, I don't?" I asked. "Um, no?" she said. "Are you sick? You're voice is scratchy, and you keep sniffling." she moved on.

       "Yeah, just a mild cold.."  Something was up. And I didn't know about it. Ava's very unlucky that I know when she lies.


I walked into 3rd period, sliding into my chair, and getting the do now done before Suhayb and Nick came in. Nick was Suhayb's best friend. He literally followed him everywhere. And Nick wasn't the most, decent, looking kid. He was very, very homely. Mrs.Hatton had to go out into the hall to call them in, Suhayb came in with a smirk, and Nick was still talking to some kid outside.

   "Hey," Suhayb said to me. "Hi," I breathed, as he said in the desk a row behind me. "You alright up there?" he asked. "Fine." I smiled to him. "Sure? If you need to talk about something, tell me. I'm always here." he smiled. I smiled back. "I'm 110% sure." but then my voice cracked. "Tell me." he said, leaning forward. 

             But then Nick came walking in. "Later." he added. I smiled and got my nose down to the grindstone.



Even in Gym, my favorite subject, I was shitty. I couldn't do a thing. I felt so weak. And being one of the best players, Mr.Levy told me to sit out. I was not in shape. And he even realized it. "Yo, Foster, what's up with you today?" Cesar, another one of the star players, asked concernedly. "Sick." I said simply, sniffing my nose. "Right." he nodded, he shook his head and turned back to the net. 

I noticed Rose looking guiltily at me.


"Tell me what's going on damn it!" I harassed Ava. "No!" she shot back. "Avalyn! Tell me now!" I demanded using her real name. "Nothing! He just, he felt sorry for acting like so." she explained frustrated. "Really?" I said, quietly. "Yeah." she looked at her feet. 

"Then why hasn't he said anything, he just likes to leave me hanging like that?" I said, annoyed. "You of all people should know Louis has a problem expressing his feelings." Ava. 

"I'm so sorry for forgetting. Some things don't occur to me." I said, sarcastically.

"What ever." Ava said, walking away. "Ava?" I called after her. "Yeah?" she replied.

"You're not mad at me, either?" 

"No! Honestly, you really aren't in a position to loose another friend. You're just annoying me." she smirked, and continued to walk.


I felt arms wrap around me and jerked around to look at Rose. "I'm so sorry baby." I felt her crying, as we stood in front of the bus stop. "Why are you crying?" I laughed. "Because I miss our conversations and us giving these looks to each other and I just miss us." she cried harder.

"This past week has been hell for me. I missed you like crazy Madz." she hugged me tighter. "How do you think I feel? I only had one friend to talk to this entire fucking time." I hugged her back. "What happened to Louis?" 

"I fucked up his car." I said guilty. "Oh.." she smirked. "What?" I asked. Her smiled just got bigger. 

"Blahahalalahdadhdsfs" I heard a familiar voice in my ear. "LOU?" I said hugging him.

I smiled as I hugged him tightly. I heard him gag. "I can't breath hoe." he patted my back.

"This is a fabulous day for me." I said, looking back and forth at my friends..


Oh my gosh this chapter was shit. Sorry I haven't updated in an Ice Age.. Severe writers block. It will get better next time I swear on everything.. c:


I love my Dreamers!! Yess!! I got a fanbase name. c; xx





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