Bestfriend or Boyfriend?


5. Louis, I'm So Sorry!!!

             "Louis, you're sure this will work, right?" I asked, paranoid. "Of course! My cousin works in a pro shop for i.d cards, he's a professional." he assured me. "Let's go then." I smiled and bit my lip. He smiled back. 

             "I.D, please?" the bartender asked. I handed her mine. She over-looked it. "You're 27?" she asked, disbelieved. "Yeah.." I said. I was a small, chubby girl. I had brown straight hair that past my waist. I looked like 13 year old kid. I looked up at Louis who was trying not to laugh. 

              "Your I.D, sir." she asked, holding out her hand. Louis could get away with this. He was tall, skinny, he might not be the most mature person in Doncaster, but he sure did look like he was. "Alright, what can I get you?" she asked unamused. "Two Bloody Mary's, please." he answered for me. "Got it." she said.

"Oh, thanks." I said to him. He smiled, "27, really?!" I whisper shouted. He snickered. "You look like one." he assumed. "I look like a 13 year old." 

               "Lucky you, you're a sexy 13 year old." he smirked. "Ha-ha." I sarcastically laughed.

 The woman came back with the maroon colored drink. As he chugged it, I sat there confused. "Well, take a drink, yeah?" he said. I put my mouth on the straw, and sucked up the bitter liquid. I cringed, at the taste. "Not your cup o' tea?" Louis asked, as he pushed the glass, only filled with ice, away from him. 

"Definitely not." I shook my head. "Rather have a Budweiser?" Louis suggested. I nodded. He smiled and ordered politely.


             "Thanks so much for this, I really needed it, Lou." I said. "Don't mention it, I know what it takes to make my friends smile." he said. "I'm surprised you're sober." I said, as I looked out the window. I heard him snicker to himself. "What?" I asked. "I'm not sober." he laughed. "Then what the hell are you doing driving!" I shouted. He shrugged. I reached over grabbing the wheel. I knew this wasn't a smart idea.

Because we fell over to the side. As we rolled down the hill, the music playing shorted out. And a couple minutes later, we were sitting there, in complete silence. "Louis," I looked to my side. He sat up straight. "I was only KIDDING!" he shouted. I face palmed myself. He got out, to take a look at his car. "FUCK!" he shouted. 

"Louis, I'm, so sorry.." I started to tear up. I hated myself. He'd gone through so much to get this car. He knelt down, cupping his face. "Fuck, fuck fuck." he murmured. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT MADELINE!" he shouted. He used my full name. He was pissed. "I'll buy you a new c-" 

"NO, MADDIE, NO." he shook his head. "IT WON'T BE THE SAME." he shouted again. He sighed. "I don't know what to do." he calmed down. "I'll call someone." I said, taking my phone out. "No, don't." he stopped me. "Just leave it here." he sniffled. "I think it's better if we ca-"

"I said no." he said firmly. When Louis was mad, he was mad. Once, I broke his phone and he didn't talk to me for 2 months. This will probably last 2 years.

           "Let's just walk." he suggested. My heart hitched. I wasn't gonna hear the end of this.


           It was a quiet and awkward walk home. It took us about 35+ minutes to get home, considering Louis and I are slow walkers. He walked by my house. "Louis, I'm so sorry.." I repeated the same words. "Not enough." he said. "Louis.. It's just a car.. I can and I will buy you a new one." I said.

            "Just a car? JUST A CAR? It took me 1 year to save up money for it. But now it's all the hard work money, in the trash. Do you know how badly I wanted to spend money on shopping? Do you? And, by the way Maddie, I'd like to see you even try to save up. Remember. It took a year and 3 months. But don't even try. Really. I don't accept your stupid fucking apology. Goodnight, Tanner." he exploded.

After he stormed off, I stood there confused. Two of what were supposed to be my friends hated me. Wonderful. Just, dandy. The fact that Louis used my last name, really got to me. But it was more of the tones fault. It was like a disgusted, annoyed tone. And it really got to me.

             It's only November, and two of my friends hate me. What else can go wrong?




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