Bestfriend or Boyfriend?


4. Fuck you, Rose.

                   A week past and Rose still hasn't spoken to me. All I could do was feel depressed. Even Louis couldn't make me feel better. And that boy is genius at it. "Please stop being like this? It's killing me." Louis confessed. "I just lost one of my best friends. I'm sorry." I looked up at him. He just sighed and wrapped his arm around my neck. "It's gonna get better. Everything does eventually, no?" he said. "I guess so." I agreed. "Good. Now stop being a sad child. Because, I'm takin' you out!" he cheered. I breathily laughed. "And where would we be going, sir?" I asked. 

"We're getting drinks!" he said excitedly. "We're only 18." I said to him. "So? I have a really believable looking fake id card for you and I." he lead on.

                   "Fine." I said. "Hallelujah, see you third period." he smiled. I only raised my eyebrows and looked ahead.

"Hey, Maddie." I heard his voice. That voice my my stomach tie into knots. "Uhm, Hi Jared." I turned around. "I heard about you and Rose." he looked distraught. "I thought you guys could never fight."  

                 "Something stupid came up, it actually was q-quite my fault." I looked down at his white AllStars. "How?"

"I was being my stubborn-self." I looked up at his blue eyes. He smiled, "You're in my second period class, right? Walk with me." he smiled. "A-alright." I stuttered stupidly. 


Jared smiled to me from across the class. But Rose only death-stared at me. I sighed. I could care less about Jared at this moment. I just miss Rose.  "Anyone want to share their Journal?" Mrs.Jennings asked. No one raised their hand.Until Mrs.Jennings called on Rose who rose(haha) her hand. "I've had a really bad week. I've gotten into a fight with my best friend," that made me cringe.

"I miss her so much though. My mum seems disappointed in me. And I just feel like everyone hates me in general. I don't want to make up with my friend because I'm not ready to. She always explodes on me when I tell her something about a boy. And it really bothers me. I feel like I can't tell her anything that's going on in my life. And honestly, I need a really long break from her sweet b.s." Rose read. I felt my heart fall.

"Sweet bullshit? Really?" I shouted. "I could care less about making up with you now!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. All 27 people stared at us. "I'm so fucking done with you!" I shouted. Mrs.Jennings stopped us, and escorted me outside. All I saw was Rose's sad face.


"I guess I cursed her out." I said to Louis next to me. "Wow." he sighed. "I guess it just got serious."

"Yeah." I said. "She called me out in front of the entire class. And Jared too!" I said. He looked upset when he heard his name. He obviously didn't like him.

"You don't like Jared?" I asked. "Well, of course, every guy gets like that when their sister likes a boy." he said weirdly. 

Rose looked at me again. And looked back up at the teacher. All I did was stare into space. I really couldn't believe Rose. Really.

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