Bestfriend or Boyfriend?


3. Drama.


"But Rose! I like him!" I told her. "He's such a wank!" she assumed. "No, no, he's a nice lad." I defended my crush. And no, it's not Louis. He's practically my brother. It's Jared Kolby Rider. He's quite beautiful, he kind of looks like Ross Lynch, who is quite sexual. But his hair colour is brown, his eyes are blue as well.

He has kind of a beach kind of look, he surfs, plays soccer, paints, and, he's quite sweet when, when we do talk, which is rare. But he has a personality like Justin Bieber.

"He's rude to me!" Rose scoffed. "I would know, I've dated him once." she said under her breath. "I kno- Wait, what?" I questioned. "I've dated Jared once." she said louder. I looked at her like she had just murdered the creator of candy. Which is quite important to me. "Why don't I know this!" I addressed.

"Because I know how you are when it comes to boys you like." she looked away from me. "So, you're saying you dated my crush when I fancied him? I'm, sorry, but that's a bit betraying!" I gushed. "Uh, look it's 3rd period, talk to you later!" she hurried. "I don't think we'll be talking for a while." I growled, just enough for her to hear, and continued to walk forward to social studies.


I couldn't stop thinking about the situation with Rose. I know, a little stupid to be pissed over her dating, but the main key thing is that she didn't tell me it was the boy I fancied for two years. I was in a smaller class, the ones the kids in normal classes call 'Retard class.' The only person I liked in the class was Suhayb Syed. He was really cute, he played the sport, football, not soccer, legit, football, he was quite good at it. He'd come from Illinois.

Not only that but he was a god at singing. We had a bit of banter, and he's quite the player of the school. We've became good friends this year. I remember the first time I saw him. It was after school detention last year. Great way to meet, right?

"Are you alright?" he questioned sympathectically. I look down at his folded hands. "What would you do if your best friend went out with a boy you've had a crush on for years?" I looked up at his deep brown eyes. "I'd be pissed." he told me. "Thank you." I said flying back into my chair.

"It's about Jared, isn't it?" he assumed. I nodded. "Rose?" he said. I nodded. "How could you not know they were dating? Everyone in the school knew!" he told me. "Wow. Don't I feel left out." I said. He sighed, and sat back too.


"Maddie, what was the comedy skits back in the days called?" My teacher, Mrs.Hatton asked. "Vaudeville." I simply answered. "Speaking of which, can we watch some?!" Suhayb asked. "Maybe tomorrow." she look at him. "Pleeaseee!" he held the 'e'.



"You need to talk to her." Ava looked at me, as I watch Louis's feet next to me. "I don't want to though." I whined. Louis sighed loudly. He firmly grasped my arm. "You are one of the most stubborn persons in this goddamned school. You need to get over it. It was a fucking year ago! And it's not like he was cheating on you, you didn't even acknowledge eachother." Louis blew up.

I stood there. He was right. It was stupid of me, but I get really mad when things like this happen.

"I guess." I said, looking away from Louis. I hated being wrong. They were right, I was stubborn. I saw Rose playing with her hair, talking to another one of her friends, brushing her bangs. I looked back at my friends, and walked over to the stunning girl.

"Rose?" I said, vulnerably. She held her finger up at the fake girl. "Yeah?" she said, unamused. "I am so sorry." I held her arm. She jerked it out of my grip. "How can I tell you anything without you exploding." she said sadly. "Rose.." I started.


                "I think our friendship needs a break."

Those seven words literally cut me like a knife.


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