one direction imagines and preference

Ask and me or my friend @Sammmm_20 will make one


19. niall and louis for abigail

You and niall go over to louis' for a party with just the
boys and Danielle 

You and perrie. Your doing your makeup in the mirror. 

"C'mon were gonna be late! hurry up! I'm leaving. bye!"

"Ugh niall just take a break will ya ill be down in a second"

"What was that I can't here you from inside the car!"

You run quickly down the stairs to see niall standing there


"You thought I'd leave."


"Well............I am now!"

He runs out the door turns the car on and starts to back up a
little bit at a time as your running towards him

"You are one mean boy you know that"

He laughs and backs up the car and drives to Louis house

~*~Ding dong~*~

"Niall! Abigail! Your here!"

"Louis! Were here"

You and niall sit down on the floor in the circle were their
playing truth or dare. 

"Alright" harry says "niall truth or dare?"


"Do you niall love Abigail?"

Niall turns a deep red 


You all look at eachother 

"Abigail will you go out with me?"

"Yeah dummy"you say laughing 

You look at the others and stop at Louis he looks hurt.

"Lou is something wrong?"

"Nope. nothing at all."

He then gets up and walks to the bathroom you hear him

"When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight it just
won't feel right coz I can love you more than this when he
lays you down I might just die inside it just don't feel
right coz I can love you more than this can love you more
than this"

"I knew it!"you say opening up the door "something was wrong
you were hurt, because you like me to, and you knew all this
time that I liked niall. why didn't you tell me Louis? I
liked both of you"

"But he had you heart right from the start and I didn't so I
didn't yell you because I knew you wouldn't love me like you
loved him"you get up and close the door you walk over to him
and kiss him 

"You tell no it."

He's frozen. 

"Y-yeah got it"
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