one direction imagines and preference

Ask and me or my friend @Sammmm_20 will make one


11. imagine-zayn for vanessa

Zayn invited you over to have a superboal party. You wore
your ravens jersey. It was a huge party all the boys were
there there was music playing. You walk in and see Eleanor
and Danielle you walk up to them. "Hey guys" "hey!" They say
hugging you. "Like your shirt" Eleanor says to you "thanks!"
"Did you see zayn yet?" Danielle says to you. "Not yet I just
got here" zayn walks up to you and kisses you "you made it!vanessa!"
You giggle "I'm going to get you a drink" he says walking
away Eleanor and Danielle laugh at you "what?!" "Blusher"
they say "am not." Eleanor holds up her phone "hun you a
tomato" zayn comes back with your drink "thanks!" You sniff
it "is this alcohol?" "Uh duh" he says you shrug your
shoulders and drink it anyways. He looks like he's saying
something but you can't hear him over the music. "What?!" You
yell "I said the games going to start soon!" "Yay football"
you say jumping up and down. You all sit for a game of
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