one direction imagines and preference

Ask and me or my friend @Sammmm_20 will make one


7. imagine-niall for julia

New message from:Hazza:Hey sis wanna come over today everyone will be hereMe:Kay I willHazza:C u soonYou get your straightener and straighten your hair then do your make-up black eyes and red lips. 'What to wear' you think to yourself You want something to make your green eyes pop so what else goes better with green then blue. You pick a light blue one shoulder shirt and dark black skinny jeans you put on a scarf because its cold and throw on your leather jacket.Then you quick text harry.To hazza:On my way.Hazza:KayYou get in your car and drive to their house you check yourself quick in the mear. You walk in the house and niall opens the door.he looks you up and down."Wow juul all dressed up to see me?""Shut up niall""Just pickin' on ya. You look cute""Thanks" "Juliaaaaaaa!!!!" Louis screams "Your just in time for truth or dare!!"'Great' you think to yourself. You all sit in a circle and harry starts "Lou""Harry""Truth or dare?""Dare"Harry thinks for a moment"I dare you to lick the toilet seat"Louis shudders "pass, niall t or d?""Truth""Is it true you like Julia?"Niall blushes "Yeah"Everyone oohs and aahs"Julia""Dare" "I dare you to kiss me""Oh no okay"You to kiss and sparks fly it feels like the whole world has slowed down around you two that is until you realize you just kissed your brother's best friend infront of him.You two pull away and blush."Well I think this game's over and I'm going to bed" harry says getting up and brushing off h is hands "Wait for me harry!"Louis yells after him"It is late me and zayn better get going..." Liam says hitting zayn and pointing to the door. You stand up and look at the groundNiall stands itching the back of his neck "Wellbye""Bye" you walk to the door of your car and drive away
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