one direction imagines and preference

Ask and me or my friend @Sammmm_20 will make one


3. imagine-niall for hayley

I diddnt know if you wanted a imagine or preference so ill do a imagine and Ill make sammm do a preference if she doesn't ill hurt her. Ha

Your sitting on the couch playing with your hair with your feet on nialls lap the boys are over so your all just hanging out watching toy story (it was Liams pick for movie night)

"Hayley why don't you want to watch toy story?"

"Because its a little kids movie"
Niall starts laughing then gives you a high five

"Someone agrees with me why don't we ditch this movie and go to nando's?"

"Thank god I thought you'd never ask I'm starving"
You and niall drive there and have a nice romantic dinner
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