one direction imagines and preference

Ask and me or my friend @Sammmm_20 will make one


10. imagine-niall and louis for makenzie

New text from:


Wanna hang?

You get woken up by niall texting you you roll over growning
you lay in your bed for a minute "I should probably answer
that" you roll over and grab your phone and quick text back
"shure thing see u 10ish?" 

Okeydokey c u soon.

You walk over to your closet you grab your skinny jeans and a
Hollister hoodie you throw on your hightops and then
straighten your hair. 'Hmmmm makeup or no make-up' you think
you decide  on none. You then walk down to nialls house
you knock on the door and niall answers secretly he has a
crush on you but everyone can tell. "Looking good" Louis runs
over "she ain't lookin good... She's lookin sexiiiiieee" you
laugh and push them out of the door.

"Sup guys" liam harry and zayn are sitting on the couch
watching toystory. They just stare at the tv "um helloooooo"
you say wwaving your hand infront of them. They didn't even
notice "so kenzie howabout some truth or dare ?" Niall asks
"shure" you sit in a awkward triangle circle "niall t or d?"
You ask him "truth" "is it true u like me" theres a silence
for like an second "yeskenzieilikeyoualot" he blurts out
Louis turns red then breathes a deep breath in "okay." Niall
asks him "truth" "why did you turn red and look mad when I
said yeah" "because I just don't think your right for her."
"I'm obviously right for her because she's Irish and so am I
last time I checked I'm shure she doesn't want some sassy
girly guy" they start fighting "guys..." They don't answer
"GUYS!" They both snap their heads at you "i think I'm going
to get going..." They wave then go back to fighting
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