one direction imagines and preference

Ask and me or my friend @Sammmm_20 will make one


17. imagine-louis for adrianna

Adrianna can you come help me with the dishes" you hear your
mom yell for you just a little bit over the sound of one
direction."Adrianna!" She yells a little bit louder "comming
mom!" You yell back you pause you music and walk down the
stairs "what did you need mom?" You ask "sorry I couldn't
hear you over my music" you add on "I need you to help me do
the dishes can you dry for me" "shure" you say pushing up
your sleeves. You finish and feel your back pocket ring
"hello" "hey wanna go to the zoo!" Who else but your best
friend "yeah just give me 10" you guys live in a walking
distance of another. You run upstairs pit on your makeup
brush your hair then play your music through your earphones.
"Where are you off to" "huh" you pull out one of the earbuds
"oh I'm going to the zoo with Sam" "okay be back by 6 my
friend is comming over for dinner" "okay mom" you give her a
quick kiss on the cheek and grab your jean jacket and go.
"The zoo I'm so excited" Sam says as your in the car "yeah me
to" you get to the zoo "okay girls call me when your done and
well meet at the café" "okay" you two say about halfway
through the zoo you loose Sam you call for her like crazy but
its no use "um do you need help finding someone" you hear a
voice say. Male. Be scared. Brittish? High? Louis. No can't
be. You look up from the bench that your now sitting on. It
is. "Hey louis, yeah I lost her." "How do you-oh yeah
nevermind wanna walk with me and find her?" "Okay" you two
chat for a wile as your walking. You get to learn that you
two have a lot in common. "Adri-how the-what? thats-" he
flashes Sam a smile "Louis 'the tommo' Tomlinson you must be
Sam" she giggles you thank Louis and exchange numbers. 
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