one direction imagines and preference

Ask and me or my friend @Sammmm_20 will make one


9. imagine-harry for bente

It's you and Harry's one month. He texts you. From hazzabear: were going to get something to eat later. Dress nice. Pick u up round 7'What to wear' you think to yourself you go to your closet and look through your clothes you find a navy blue one sleeve dress the sleeve comes down to your hand on the sides it looks like its sewn into the other side the dress is skin tight and comes to your knees you grab your black heels on the heel theirs silver spikes then you pick a spiked bracelet you put in spiked Earings you then curl your hair and put on a natural look of make-up. 'Perfict' you look at the clock 6:36 harry should be here soon. You sit around and wait for him then you hear the doorbell "he-Woah" he looks stunned by your looks "so were we going" he looks at you "before I tell you I have something for you" he pulls a necklace out of his pocket its silver and has an infinitey sign on it he puts it on you. "To olive garden" he says
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