one direction imagines and preference

Ask and me or my friend @Sammmm_20 will make one


15. Imagine- Mallory and Liam

Mallory and Liam

You're working at your job in the mall and all of a sudden you hear from behind you, "look at that ass Liam. You be wanting that." Next thing you know Liam Payne is tapping you on the shoulder. "God what does he want?" you think. "I'd like to say you are very pretty Mallory." "How do you know my name?" "It's on your name tag.." "Oh yeah forgot bout that. Just a dumb blonde here." *no one should take offense to "dumb blonde" cuz I'm a blonde writing this. I get stereotyped too. K thanks* Liam says, "No. You're a cute blonde going out with Liam Payne at nandos tonight. Here's my number. What's yours so I can call you?" "It's 555-2729. Gotta get back to work now. Talk to you soon. Bye"
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