one direction imagines and preference

Ask and me or my friend @Sammmm_20 will make one


14. Imagine- chloe and Niall

Niall and chloe

It's about noon. I'm ready to hit up the mall with some of my girls. I send out a mass text saying, "Mall time girls. Who wants to go? Let me know ASAP." I got a text back from my best friend. "Hey chloe! Lets go. Meet my at my place in five?" I send back, "Nandos after maybe? Make that ten minutes okay? Thanks girl." We are gonna shop at all our favorite stores. Maybe meet some cute guys and see a movie. It's gonna be great. "I'm outside Kay!" " Be right there," she says. When we party, we party hard. *10 minutes later* "Where to first?" Kaylee says. "Aeropostale. There's always cute guys there!" We walk towards Aeropostale. And there's a concert going on in the middle of the mall! Omg it's my favorite band, One Direction. We push our way to the front. Niall grabs me by the hand and pulls me up onto the stage. He serenades me with WMYB. Kaylee stands and takes pictures. "This is the best moment in my entire life right now. I can't believe this is happening right here and now. Who know he'd be here singing to me." After the show he signs stuff for me and treats me and Kay to Nandos. Wow what a coincidence. We then go see a movie and that's where I got my kiss from Niall!
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