A Wonderful New Life

Natalie Martinez has gone through hard times,she has lossed her grandmother
and father.She currently lives in the United States,but moves to London to find a new life.But will she find love and heartbreak,instead of a new life?


2. The Flight

I got on the plane and sat in my seat.As I was getting situated a boy came up to the seat next to me and sat down.This might be weird but I felt like he was staring at my butt,so that was ackward.Halfway through the flight I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Hi I'm Niall"The Bo- err Niall said.Also holding out his hand.I gladly took it and said,"Hi Niall,I'm Natalie"I smiled and we talked until I had to use the loo(bathroom).I was walking and some guy squeezed my butt.

"Hey babe,I'm Derek."He said pulling me towards him.Who does he think he is?!

"Yeah,Hi I'm N- Sarah"I said not wanting him to know my name.He looked at me with a confused face"Sarah,My name is Sarah"He was looking at my butt,then he looked up    at my face and leaned in.Was he going to kiss me?He got closer and closer,I pulled away and he looked mad and weird.I escaped his grasp and slapped him and went back to my seat.Niall looked worried and scared.Guess I was gone for awhile.

"Oh...good your alive you were gone for 7 minutes!I was worried sick!"He said hugging me.

"Sorry I had a- a little bump on the way there?"I said not wanting to bring up the awful experience.He nodded understanding.I was gonna say something but was cut off by the pilot talking."We are preparing for landing,so please buckle your seatbelts.And we will be out shortly."Finally we're here!

"Hey can I have your number?"Niall asked.

"Yeah totally!It's 361-266-3622(made- up!)"I said.He nodded and wrote it on his hand."You are now allowed to get off the plane"The pilot said.Here we go,off to London.

This was going to be fun.


Sorry if it's short but yeah there it is!:)

Amway hi I'm Sierra and I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!Whoop!That was hard to get out!;)Anyway like or comment or favorite!:)

Ok that's all!:)BYE:)

~Sierra<3 Xxx


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