A Wonderful New Life

Natalie Martinez has gone through hard times,she has lossed her grandmother
and father.She currently lives in the United States,but moves to London to find a new life.But will she find love and heartbreak,instead of a new life?


5. Hang Out?

I woke up and mentality facepalmed myself.I always have headaches in the morning.I got out of bed and went downstairs to make breakfast.Shit!I dont have any food!Well i could ask my neighbor...I quickly got dressed in some skinny jeans,a teal flowy top and some strap on sandals.I brushed my teeth and hair and looked at myself in the mirror.I looked ok.I got my iPhone and keys.I walked out of my flat and locked it.I walked to the next door i saw.I knocked and heard british voices.



They finally opened the door and you wouldn't belive who i saw.One Direction.Then it hit me guy i met on the plane was Niall Horan from One Direction.I was in shock and dindnt realize they asked me a question."I'm sorry what?"I asked."What's your nu-name"The curly haired boy asked."Na-"I got cut off by Niall "Natalie"He said then waved."Yeah thats my name"I said."So you hungry?Oh and that's Harry"Niall said gesturing to the attractive guy with curls."Zayn"He said pointing to the boy with dark hair."Liam"The guy with the buzzcut waved."Louis"The guy in the stripes came and hugged me."Hey“I said with a wave.


"So Natalie,do you want to go get some food with us?"Harry asked."Yeah totally!"


Im sorry! It's been forever since I got to write anything:/ Anyway this is SUPPERRR short!So yeah BUH BYE:) ~Sierra xxx <3

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