A Wonderful New Life

Natalie Martinez has gone through hard times,she has lossed her grandmother
and father.She currently lives in the United States,but moves to London to find a new life.But will she find love and heartbreak,instead of a new life?


3. A Text At This Hour!:/


Beep!I groaned.Who would text me at this hour?I got my iPhone 5 from the bedstand and looked at who texted me.Wow!Thats Bright!

From:Little Brother!<3

Hey sis!Just wanted to see how your doing,bye!:)

Aww!Ill text him later now im sleeping!


Hey Guys!Sorry its soo short,but im writing another one soon!Also im writing a new movella!So if anyone wants o Co-Write...


yeah just contact me on that cause im to lazy to put the rest:/

            ~Sierra<3 Xxx

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