A Wonderful New Life

Natalie Martinez has gone through hard times,she has lossed her grandmother
and father.She currently lives in the United States,but moves to London to find a new life.But will she find love and heartbreak,instead of a new life?


1. Going Away

"Bye Sweety! We are going to miss you so much!"My mom said on the verge of crying.

"Bye Mom, and no bye from My brother!"I said fake pouting and looking at my brother,he was 12,and had blonde shaggy hair.He came towards me almost crying.Me and my brother were close,that's why it was hard for him. 

"I'm gonna miss you a lot!Please don't forget about me"He said looking at the ground.I picked his head up.

"I will never forget about my brother and I will text and call both of you as much as I can!"I said almost crying,I didn't think it would be this hard.

I said my final goodbyes and headed to the airport.It was gonna be a long plane ride to London. 

About an hour I finally got to the airport I got all my suitcases out of the car and put them on the weighing thing.It was finished weighing and I still had an hour to spare,so I decided to go get some magazines and snac- err candy actually.

"That will be $7.61"The cashier lady said.I paid and still had 20 minutes.Great,now what to do? I'll just read the magazines that I got.' Meet the Hot New Boy- Band One Direction!' Hmm well they are pretty good looking.My thoughts got cut off my the loud speaker speaking...

"Flight 237 Please report to Gate 5,Your plane will be leaving shortly" I got up and got my suitcases together and left for Gate 5.It wasn't very crowded when I got there.

"Man' Ticket please?"I handed her the ticket,then she nodded.This was gonna be a long flight.

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