His Last Three Words

Alice Foster was best friends Harry Styles for many years. Until one day, she starts to get feelings for him. He finds out that she likes and they become friends with benefits but she wants more than that. She goes to his house to confront him but she spots another girl at there, which gets her ireful. As their friendship slips away, Harry becomes very ill. Alice now has to try to bring them back together before its too late.


5. Chapter 5

                   Harry hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead. It sent chills down spine so I shivered a little bit. I felt him smiling into my shoulder and I looked back at Zayn, Louis and Niall staring at us with wide grins. As we broke away from the hug, our eyes locked and in that moment I felt love. Gazing into his green eyes, I truly loved him and I knew that he was mine. Hand in hand, we walked back to our little circle and sat down. He put his arm around me and I shyly looked down and smiled.                                                

          "Zayn, I think you just kindled a relationship! OOH, can we come up with a cute relationship name for you guys like they do with celebrities?" Niall exclaimed. Harry chuckled a sure and Louis snapped his finger and gasped.        

          "That's it! We'll call you two, Halice!" Louis said. Zayn and Niall clapped in approval. Right afterwards, Liam and Diana came down the stairs looking wild and a bit off. Diana sat down next to me and Liam sat next to Zayn. She looked a bit uncomfortable but when she turned her gaze towards Harry and I, she brightened up.                                                                                                                

          "So what happened down here when Diana and I were... up there? Harry and Alice are like, practically snogging." Liam said staring at us. Zayn explained to him the dare that he gave me and then Liam understood. I started to yawn and Harry looked down at me.                                                            

          "Aw... is my little Ally sleepy?" Harry said in a baby voice, sticking his bottom lip out.                                                                                                                  

          "Kinda, but you don't have to talk like that, you dipstick," I replied.  

          "Sorry SassyMcSassy pants." Harry fought back. I stuck my tongue out at him, while the others continued with the game. "You're feisty tonight aren't you." he winked. I glared at him then back at Louis, who was eating toilet paper.                                                                                                                

          "What? I got dared to!" Louis said as if he read my mind. I rolled my eyes and chuckled. I looked at Diana to make sure she was okay. From her face she seemed dazed and a bit in awe. So I grabbed her by her arm and led her upstairs to the kitchen.                                                                                      

          "Why'd you bring me up here?" she asked curiously.                              

          "Are you okay? I was just kinda worried about you.." I shrugged as I pressed my back against the counter. She looked at me for a minute, opened her mouth to speak then paused.              

          "I'm a little sore, but I'm good. Are you alright?" she questioned. I nodded and did a little cheer.                                                                                  

          "I'm wonderful actually.. I kissed Harry and I felt sparks. But for now, I just wanna remain friends with him because I don't want to ruin our friendship." I explained.                                                                                          

          "Alice, that is the sweetest thing I've ever heard. I'm really happy for you and Hazza." she smiled. Louis came up the stairs and peeked his head in the kitchen doorway.                                                                                          

          "Alice, Diana," he nodded at the both of us. "Everything peachy keen?" he asked. We both said yes and Louis came into the kitchen and high fived me. "You and Harry. Fireworks," he said looking up at the ceiling spreading out his hands. I chuckled. "And Diana, I should slap Harry for daring you to fuck your boyfriend. That's extremely low, especially if you two weren't ready," Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her look down at the floor.                                                                                                                            

          "Yeah. It was pretty uncomfortable at first. I mean but I love Liam, so I'm just glad that it was with someone I really care about." she reassured. Louis looked at her and smiled.                                                                            

          "I'm just glad to know that you're okay," he said hugging her and putting his chin on her shoulder. He looked at me and a grin appeared on his face. So I returned the favor. This is what I love about Louis. He's the sweetest guy ever. Well, when he's not being sassy. Harry came into the kitchen seconds later standing in the doorway. He looked a bit flustered and he pushed his hair back from his face.                                                          

           "What's everyone doing in my kitchen?" he laughed. Louis let his grasp go and grabbed Diana's wrist.                                                                      

           "We'll be downstairs if you need us Hazza. I'll leave you two alone." he smirked and walked out of the kitchen into the basement with Diana. Harry gave me one of those sexy smirks where one of his eyebrows was slightly raised. He pushed his hair back from his face.                                       

           "You." he smirked and pointed to me. He walked over to me with thirst in his eyes. He wanted me. Gosh, he turned me on so much. He picked me up and sat me on the counter and smashed his lips against mine, our tongues colliding. Everything started going so fast and at one point it became too much. He broke away, breathing heavy and I managed to mutter out a few words.                                                                                            

           "... Harry," I moaned, "Why'd you stop?" I asked caressing his jawline. He paused still trying to breathe.                                                             

           "Uh, I... Alice, you're so.. oh my God. I just... Can't control myself," he responded, letting out a small laugh. I smiled up at him.                                  

           "Harry... I have to control myself because, after all. You are my friend," I whispered. He hugged me tightly.                                                        

           "Don't let me go, Alice." he whispered back. I rubbed his back and said I wouldn't. Later on, I sat on his couch waiting for Diana to get her stuff and take me home. She appeared next to me asking if I was ready to go. I nodded and Harry stopped me as I walked to the door with her. "Alice, you forgot your keys," he said awkwardly, handing me them. I took them, mumbled a thanks and waved him goodbye. The moon was out and the air had a chill to it. Going in the passenger, I buckled my seat belt and thought about what happened at Harry's house. "I won't let you go. That I can promise, Harry." I said to myself as Diana drove off.


Can you believe it! I'm soo sorry for the people who were waiting desperately for me to update.. I had a lot going on but I'm back :) You guys encourage me to write more. What do you think of the new chapter? Tell me in the comments below!

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