His Last Three Words

Alice Foster was best friends Harry Styles for many years. Until one day, she starts to get feelings for him. He finds out that she likes and they become friends with benefits but she wants more than that. She goes to his house to confront him but she spots another girl at there, which gets her ireful. As their friendship slips away, Harry becomes very ill. Alice now has to try to bring them back together before its too late.


4. Chapter 4


     As Diana and I walked to our table in lunch with our trays in our hands, I tried to explain the whole car situation to her when we sat down. "Did you really sit on Harry's lap?" she asked her mouth gaping wide open. I nodded. "You know that Melissa would be upset if she heard about this, right?" Diana said picking up a french fry off of her tray. I rolled my eyes. Melissa was Harry's on and off again girlfriend.                                                                                         

        "Why should she get mad over it? So what," I said looking over at Melissa's table. She sat with all the other stuck up, snotty cheerleaders. She irks me so. Diana snapped her fingers in front of me, and I snapped out of my gaze to realize Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn were sitting in front of us. "Are you guys here to torture me some more?" I said biting into my pizza.          

        "Actually love," Liam said walking over to sit next to Diana, "I came to be with my girlfriend." He hugged Diana and kissed her on the cheek. I forgot to mention, they've been going out for a year now. I wish I was like that with Harry.                                                                                                                        

        "You look so lonely," Louis said with puppy eyes. As if on queue, Harry started to walk toward our table.

        "HARRY!!!" we all screamed. 

          "NIIAALL!" Niall yelled out with his Irish accent, pounding his chest with his fists. Louis touched Niall's hair and looked at him.                                                                                                                          

        "Bebs, why did you scream your name?" Louis said trying not to laugh.                                                

        "Because Niall want food," Niall responded smiling. Harry sat down next to me and I touched his light brown curly locks.

        "Why are you so fascinated with my hair?" Harry asked smiling down at me. I simply shrugged and Zayn winked at me. I just rolled my eyes.                                                                                                          

        "Uh oh, here comes trouble," Liam said as fuming Melissa walked toward our table.                      

        "Harry, you didn't call me back after school. Why?" Melissa asked with her hand on her hip tousling her long wavy blonde hair. He told her that he stayed over at my house for homework help.  

        "What's he doing at your house? I'm your girlfriend Harry, not this emo chick," she said giving me a dirty look. "I should be the one helping you out with your homework not her. Plus I'm super smart."                              

        "On the contrary, you do realize that you just contradicted yourself, right?" Zayn said staring at her with a blank expression. She scratched her head as if to ask how. "Because," Zayn announced, "You're a blonde and you're insisting on helping him out with homework when you're actually quite dumb yourself." Zayn smiled devilishly looking accomplished. We all broke out in laughter. Melissa gasped and just rolled her eyes.                                          

        "Well... what are you doing after school? I was thinking you and I could spend time together..." Melissa said looking back at Harry.                                                                                                              

        "Sorry Mels, I'm hanging out with the boys and Alice after school today." Harry said looking at each of us. As if a demon possessed her, wait... I already think she is one, she erupted with anger and screamed out "WE'RE OVER!" and walked away. We all looked at Harry and he laughed to himself.

         "Well....." he said smiling at me, "I guess I'm single." I smiled back at him and nodded. This day couldn't get any better.                                                  


After school, Diana let me get in her car to avoid the whole "car situation" from earlier again. It was a benefit because we were both going to Harry's house. And when I say Harry's house, I don't mean Harry's parents' house. This is literally his house. Last year during the summer, he worked two or three jobs, I forgot exactly how many, to buy his own house. He wanted to be independent. When we got there, the boys were already inside. Diana knocked on the door and Niall and Louis opened saying simultaneously, "Ladies.." We walked inside and they closed the door after us, and we all headed downstairs to his basement where everyone was at. The basement is Harry's second room because he thinks that his room upstairs is too small.                                  

         "The girls are here! Yay!!" Zayn said jumping off the couch running over to Diana and I. Liam ran over to Diana picking her up off her feet and putting her on the bed in the corner off the room, tickling her. Niall walked over to the couch where Harry was sitting and sat on the end of it. I plopped down next to Harry and he looked at me and smiled.                                                    

         "Hey Alice, glad to see you." Harry said quietly under the sound of   Diana's loud laughter.                                                                                              

         "I'm happy to see you too, Harry." I replied smiling back at him. When all the commotion had ended, Zayn went upstairs and came back with a bottle.                                                                                                                          

         "Alright guys. So we can either play Spin the Bottle or Truth or Dare. Decide," he said glancing at each of us while holding up a Sprite bottle. We looked around at each other and Niall finally said, "Truth or Dare". As we all sat on the rug on the floor in a circle, Louis cleared his throat and began to speak.                                            

         "Hmm, who's gonna be my first victim?" Louis asked rubbing his chin with his forefinger and his thumb. "Aha! Harry, truth or dare?"                        

         "Truth," Harry responded. I was surprised he didn't choose dare. He has a mischievous, risky side sometimes.                                                              

         "Is it true that you made out with Natalie Fletcher in the girls locker room when no one was around?" Louis said smirking with an evil look in his eyes. Niall, Zayn, and Liam started "Oohing" and Harry started to scratch his hair and turn a bright red.                                                                        

         "Yes, but that was acceptable at the time because she was my girlfriend." Harry explained. Louis pressed his lips together and nodded as if satisfied. "Alright... Diana, truth or dare?"                                                                    

           "Dare," Diana replied instantly. Harry tapped his chin, trying to think of a good dare.                                                                                                                    

           "Okay.. I dare you and Liam to go upstairs into the guest room and do the dirty birdy," Harry said winking. We all gasped in shock by what he said. Louis slapped Harry on the arm and scolded him. "Don't worry about it, there are condoms and pills in the dresser on the left of the bed. Have a jolly good time!" Harry chuckled. Liam looked at Diana and noticed that she seemed reluctant and uneasy. From where I was sitting I couldn't tell what Liam had whispered in Diana's ear but whatever it was made her brighten up like a light bulb. Hand in hand, they went up the steps to the guest room.                                                                                                                

         "So that leaves Zayn, Louis, Harry, Alice and me." Niall said. "I guess I'll go. Louis, truth or dare?"                                                                                        

         "Truth," Louis responded.                                                                              

         "Who was your first girlfriend and how old were you?" Niall asked curiously.                                                                                                                    

         "Umm.. I think her name was uh, Camryn. Yeah, that was her name. It was back when we were either eight, nine, or ten. I always get those years mixed up. She was a really sweet girl with big brown eyes. They could make you melt like chocolate," Louis said gazing off into a love filled daydream.  

         "Sounds delicious. I could go for some chocolate right now," Niall said rubbing his stomach. "Okay, Zayn. Truth or dare?"                                            

         "Dare," Zayn announced. We all looked at Niall to see what dare he would give Zayn. It had to be extreme because after all, Zayn is the bad boy of our little posse.                                                                                                                

         "I dare you to slowly but quietly sneak up to Liam and Diana to check if they are actually having sex in there," Niall whispered. Zayn nodded in approval and we all kinda tiptoed behind him upstairs to the guest room. As we approached the door, through the walls we could hear the bed shaking and slight, little muffled moans and groans. Harry covered his mouth from laughing and had a surprised grin on his face. I thumped him on the forehead to shush him because I was ready to go back downstairs to his basement. Have you been put in this position? Cause it's a really awkward feeling. We started to head back downstairs and when we sat back down, Zayn spoke.                                                                                                                

         "Truth or dare, Alice in Wonderland?" Zayn asked smiling. I rolled my eyes at his snide remark and said dare. He gasped as if a light bulb went off and an evil grin spread upon his face. "Alice Eliza Foster, I dare you to make out with Harry Edward Milward Styles." I covered my face with my hands. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and I knew I was blushing. I can't show my face like this now! I dashed over to Zayn and gave him a hard blow across the face. "Ouch! What was that for??" Zayn exclaimed holding his cheek.                                                                                                                    

         "Alice, why do you seem so frantic? C'mere," Harry said standing over me with his hand outstretched. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up a little too hard to the point where my body pressed against his still with our hands intertwined. He backed me up against the wall as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He looked into my eyes as our noses touched against each other and I turned away. I couldn't believe this was happening. He tilted his head to the side and next thing I knew his lips were pressed against mine and were kissing for the very first time. Passionately, at that. He put his hand on my cheek and we continued kissing for what seemed like hours but in reality was about five minutes. When we finally broke away, we were breathing sort of heavy and smiling at each other. Harry whispered to me in ragged breaths, "You don't know how long I've been waiting to kiss you."

      In that moment, I couldn't stop smiling. I just kissed my best friend. Harry Styles. Kissing leads to touching. Touching leads to sex. Sex leads to children. Children leads to marriage. Oh God, I need to stop. We could have little Harry juniors running around. Okay I'm done, I'm done. I was overwhelmed with emotions and while I could have hyperventilated and passed out, I simply said to him, 

                       "I've always wanted to kiss you. Since I met you."


Are you guys excited? Harry and Alice just kissed! Can someone cue the audience clapping? Lol. I'll try to work quickly on Chapter 5 if you want more of this story. Let me know in the comments below what you think and any suggestions. I love all my fans :)


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