His Last Three Words

Alice Foster was best friends Harry Styles for many years. Until one day, she starts to get feelings for him. He finds out that she likes and they become friends with benefits but she wants more than that. She goes to his house to confront him but she spots another girl at there, which gets her ireful. As their friendship slips away, Harry becomes very ill. Alice now has to try to bring them back together before its too late.


3. Chapter 3

           "Bye, see you tomorrow!" Harry waved. "Bye.." I said, and leaned against the door. When he got into his car, he waved, and drove off. I still stood there. He only made my heart flutter. It was really weird. I probably felt only like a sister to him. Besides, he had a girl, and she was so much more beautiful than me, and athletic, and talented.. Argh.


     "Alice I'm home!" my sister shouted next to my Dad. "Nice to know, Sophie." I said sitting down with a carton of ice cream. "Wow, ice cream. Something happen?" Dad said, squeezing my shoulder. "No? I can't have a carton of ice cream without you suspecting something?" I said. 

 "Exactly." Dad replied, putting his leather coat up on the rack. He came over and kissed my head. "Nice to see you baby girl."


    I haven't seen Dad in a day, business, of course. Since Sophie is older than me, she watched me, for like two hours. I swear sometimes she makes me feel like a child. I put the spoon in the sink after taking a couple scoops of ice cream and ran back upstairs to my room. As I plopped on my bed, I couldn't stop thinking about Harry. When he came over, all we did was homework. I really wish we could have done more.. Alice what the fuck are you thinking about doing with Harry, you're probably wondering. But trust me, if you saw how beautiful he is you would want to do numerous things with him too. I took my phone out of my back pocket and called Louis, hoping to get some advice out of him. He answered on the second ring.


        "Hello?" Louis said in his raspy voice.

          "Hey Lou, it's me Alice. I need your help." I responded. I started to explain to him what I felt after Harry left my house.

        "Alice, one of these days you're going to have to tell Hazza how you're feeling about him. As difficult as it may be, you're never going to know if he feels the same if you don't say anything." Louis explained.             

        "I will tell him... Eventually," I sighed. Later on, when the sun started to go down and night crept in, I put my covers over me and wondered if Harry is feeling the same way I do.



I was woken up by the annoying sound of my alarm clock going off and my phone ringing. Which to go to first, I thought to myself. "OH MY GOD SHUT UP," I yelled to the alarm clock, then unplugged it out of rage, put on my glasses and picked up my phone without looking at who was calling it.                                            

       "What drugs are you currently taking right now that made you call me this early in the morning?" I asked while picking at the black nail polish on my nails.                                                                          

       "Well let's see, I had some gummy vitamins. That could have done it," said a familiar voice that I knew very well, and LOVED to hear.                                                                                                            

       "Oh," I said smiling shyly, "Hey Harry, why are you calling this early?" I asked.                                

       "Um, I was just wondering, later on today the boys and I are gonna go hang out at my house. Wanna come with?" he said.                                                                                                                                

       "Sure, but um... you do realize that you could have asked me this when we're in school?" I chuckled.                                                                                                                                                          

       "Oh yeah, you're right," he said laughing. Harry's laugh was so cute that it made me smile even more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

       "I'll see you at school Styles," I said getting up to pick out my clothes. He chuckled a bye, I threw my phone onto my pillow, and hopped into the shower. I quickly threw on my clothes when I got out: a Sleeping With Sirens shirt, black skinny jeans, and my Keds. I ran back to the bathroom to brush my teeth and my hair really quickly. I grabbed my backpack, phone, and car keys and headed downstairs. "Mom, Dad love you, later bye!" I screamed as I headed out the door. When I stepped outside, I noticed something strange. I squinted at the car parked in our driveway. I couldn't believe this. I went up to the driver's window and I stood there while the window rolled down.                                                  


       "Hey sweetness, I thought I'd come pick you up today since we're all gonna hang out later," Zayn said smiling at me. "Oh by the way, you have to sit in the back with Liam, Niall and Harry. The car's almost full. I think you might have to sit on Harry's lap, though," He had this little mischievous grin on his face that made me grab his nose. Louis chuckled in the passenger seat.                                     

       "How 'bout fuck you," I said narrowing my eyes as I loosened my grip on Zayn's nose and opened the door to the backseat. The first person I met eyes with was Harry. I swear I just died a little. I tried to sit down, but it was highly uncomfortable. Everyone kept saying to just sit on Harry's lap which made me turn a bright red.                                                                                                                                    

       "Alice it's alright, I swear I won't bite. Just sit on my lap until we get to school," he said slightly smiling. Electric shocks went through my body as I took off my backpack and sat on his lap. Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn looked at me turn red and try not to squeal when we came across bumps on the road. Niall made it even worse by whispering in my ear, "This is preparation for when you two have you know what." I nearly slid forward, and Harry put his arms around my waist to prevent me from sliding off him. I was in heaven. When we reached the school, I quickly got out of the car and grabbed my backpack.


       "Did you enjoy the ride?" Louis whispered to me as the six of us walked toward the school. I punched him in the arm and I tried to stop blushing. Why are boys so pervy? Someone please tell me....



Guys I'm so sorry, I haven't been on here for a while... but I'm back. Do you like the new chapter? Tell me in the comments below. :)



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