His Last Three Words

Alice Foster was best friends Harry Styles for many years. Until one day, she starts to get feelings for him. He finds out that she likes and they become friends with benefits but she wants more than that. She goes to his house to confront him but she spots another girl at there, which gets her ireful. As their friendship slips away, Harry becomes very ill. Alice now has to try to bring them back together before its too late.


2. Chapter 2

                       Ding, ding, ding. Yes! My last period class was over with. I tried not to get tackled rushing out of class. I ran to my locker and opened it up. I stuffed my bags into my backpack and zipped it up. I grabbed my backpack, closed my locker and turned around to face Harry, texting someone on his phone.

                      "Umm hey," Harry said looking up from his phone. His backpack was over his shoulder.                                                          

                      "Hello Harold," I replied smiling at him. I giggled at the fact that he winced when I called him by his actual name. Louis and Niall, friends of Harry, appeared behind him instantly.                                        

                      "Hey Alice and Harry," Louis and Niall said simultaneously. They are always around each other... I actually think that it's pretty cute how they act like twins.                                                    

                      "Hi guys," I answered. We kinda just stood there for like 2 minutes trying to figure out what to do next, until Harry asked if he can walk me to my car. "Sure." As we all walked outside to the parking lot, Zayn appeared behind us with his friend Liam.                                                                        

                     "Vas happenin, guys?" Zayn shouted out. He winked at me and then turned his attention to Harry. I started to become really worried. What if Zayn ends up telling Harry that I like him? I gripped onto my car keys tightly. "Hey Harry, I found out today that someone likes you." Zayn looked directly at me and started to smile mischievously. Why is Zayn such a jerk, I wondered.                              

                    "Oh really? Interesting, " Harry said. I stared at the ground and then I looked back up at him. It actually looked like he was trying to think of who it could be. I turned bright red when Niall nudged at my arm with his elbow. Louis and Niall also know that I have a crush on Harry but unlike Zayn, I know they wouldn't tell anyone. Finally we reached my car, and I waved goodbye to them. Everyone except for Louis walked off to their cars.                                                                      

                     "Yes, Louis?" I asked him while opening the door to my car.                                                                                                                        

                     "Listen," Louis replied as I started into those sea blue eyes of his. "That was really stupid for Zayn to put you out in the spotlight like that." Louis looked really concerned, which scared me. Even his eyes were showing emotion... "If you need me to, I'll kick his ass for you," he said smiling at me. He is so sweet, I thought to myself. Let's not forget he's also really cute, my brain added. I looked at what he was wearing: a striped shirt, red pants, and gray Toms. Yep, this is my friend Louis Tomlinson, I said to myself, doing a reality check.                                                                     

                     "Thanks Lou, but don't worry about it. I'll call you if anything comes up," I said looking up at him. He said okay, and walked off to his car. I put my key into the car and turned it, starting up the ignition. I pulled out of the parking lot and started driving back to my house.          


                       As I drove into my driveway and turned off the car, I happened to look at my phone and saw that I got a text from Harry, which made me smile. It said: 

'Don't look at this while you're driving xD but can I come over? We have a lot of hw to do, and I don't want to do it alone :)'                                                                                                                                                         

                      While still looking down at Harry's text, attempting to text him back a yes, I got out of the car and tripped, falling flat on my face. Thanks for always being there ground, I said myself. I got up really quickly, put my phone in my pocket, and rushed to the door to get inside. I looked behind to make sure, no one had whipped out their phone and caught me falling on camera. I put my house keys in the doorknob and turned it. As soon as the door opened, I threw my backpack on the floor and ran upstairs to my room. Well, walked.  I didn't want to fall again. I opened up my room door and plopped down onto my bed. I took my phone out of my pocket and texted Harry, telling him that he could come over. In under 2 minutes, he messaged me back saying that he will be there in 10 minutes. Now like any girl would do when their crush is coming over, I rushed to the bathroom to reapply lip gloss. Afterwards, I went back into my room and layed down on my bed. Minutes passed and I suddenly became really tired. Before I knew it, I dazed off into another one of my dreams about Harry. Except this dream was different then the others. It felt real. We were at his house sitting on his couch.                                                                                              

                     "Alice, why are you so perfect?" Harry asked while tousling my hair. He leaned and kissed me. It tasted sweet like he had just been eating candy. Harry started to make out with me, pulling me closer to him. Please tell me this isn't a dream, I thought to myself. All of a sudden, a doorbell went off but it wasn't coming from the dream. I woke up and realized someone was literally at the door.                                                                                                                                              

                      I ran downstairs and opened the door. Harry was standing there with his backpack over one shoulder. I looked at me and smiled.                                                                                                      

                    "I've been ringing the door for the last 3 minutes, but it's good to know that you're alive," Harry said.                                                                                                                                      

                    "Sorry, I fell asleep but come on in," I said gesturing for Harry to come inside the house. He walked in and I closed the door behind him. He sat down on the couch in my living room, which brought me back to the dream I just had. Well this is awkward, I thought.                  


(A little note from me)
OMG okay, hey guys! I finished this chapter finally :D Thank you guys so much for the support. I've been really busy this week, which is why I am just now posting this new chapter. Tell me what you think in the comments, and what you think may happen between Alice and Harry. Bye :3

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