Nobody Compares (A Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Louis was the player in school, until he met Sasha. He fell for her, but she promised herself she wouldn't fall for him. She knew what he was like, and she didn't want to go through another heart break. She also didn't want to put him in danger... Sasha has a nasty past she wanted to forget, but couldn't. Will Sasha be able to keep her promise or will Louis change his ways for her? Or will he stay the same...


4. Chapter 4

"Why don't you want to date my brother?" Lottie asked. Lottie and I decided to have a "Girls Night" and stay up late, getting to know each other and become 'besties'

Lottie was very outgoing. But she wasn't that bad, really. Besides being Louis' sister, I could see us being good friends. And we already are.

"Because, I'm just not attracted to him. Can we please talk about something else?" I begged, trying to change the subject. Over the past three hours she's been trying to convince me to date Louis. For goodness-sake, why can't she just stop?

"Yes you are." She sing-songed, standing up from the bed and leaving her room. 

"Lottie? Where are you going?" I asked, slowly standing up and following her. 

"Shh..." She quietly opened a door and peaked in. A moment later she opened the door fully and motioned me to follow her in. I quietly tip-toed in, unsure of whats going on and she shut the door behind me. 

"What going-" I started, but she shushed me again. I rolled my eyes and looked around. It was very dark in here, but I could make out a bed in the far off corner. Wait a second... 

We're in Louis' room. 

"What are we doing in here?" I whispered. I could tell she was smirking, but then she started creeping back to the door. I silently watched as she opened it, making no sound, and slid through the crack. I shrugged and walked towards he door. As soon as I made it to the door she slammed it shut in my face. What the hell?!

"Lottie!!" I pounded my fist on the door. "Let me out!" 

I heard a muffled groan followed by a yawn come from the bed. Soon enough, Louis was right beside me, rubbing his tired eyes. His hair was sprawled out all over the place in a very cute way. He stretched his arms, causing his muscles to flex. How did I just notice he's wearing no shirt? 

"Take a picture, it will last longer." He said. I quickly adverted my gaze to the door and tried turning the knob again, but something was holding it shut. 

"She put a chair there. You aren't going to get out." Louis said, walking back to his bed. I sighed and started pounding again. "Shh... you'll wake mum." 

"Sorry. I just don't want to be locked in a room with a pig." I spat, and leaned my back against the door. 

"Why are you in here, anyways?" He asked. I shrugged and walked to the bed, sitting next to him. 

"Your sister is trying to set us up." I stated the obvious. He chuckled and looked at me. He stared at me for a moment, almost like he had to take in every feature right now before I vanished in mid-air. I blushed and looked at my hands. He immediately got the message and looked away. 

"So what, your sleeping in here?" He asked, trying to avoid eye-contact. I didn't mind it, but why was he doing that? Did I do something wrong? 

"No." I know if Liam found out we slept together all night he would bash Louis face in. And I couldn't let him do that, no matter how much of a douche Louis is. But he's sort of sweet...


Louis Point Of View 

She's so beautiful. I actually think I'm falling for her. She's sweet, funny, cute, and gets great with my family. But most importantly, she's real. 

She isn't like most girls I've dated or hooked up with in the past couples years. She's a challenge, that's for sure, but she's actually worth it.

I'm not saying she's my true love and we're destine to be together, but this relationship could last longer than my usual ones.

She caught me staring. She's so adorable when she blushes...

I quickly look away and thought of something else to say. "So what, your sleeping in here?" I mentally face-palmed myself. I knew she wouldn't like the thought of that. 

"No." She said, and started thinking. I stood up and walked to the door and tried the knob again. Of course, it's jammed. This isn't he first of Lottie's little tricks, she's very devious. She's a lot like me in this case.

"Well, are we staying up all night then?" I asked, my voice full of blunt sarcasm. She looked troubled, like she couldn't think of anything else to say.

"Okay, if Lottie doesn't come back soon, you'll have the bed and I'll sleep on the floor. Okay?" She thought a moment and sighed. 

"Fine. But Lottie will come back sooner or later. Hopefully sooner." I smiled and made a small bed on the floor. She rolled her eyes and fell back on to the bed. I laughed once more and she soon fell asleep, but for some reason I lay here awake, unable to sleep. I can't get her out of my mind.

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