Nobody Compares (A Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Louis was the player in school, until he met Sasha. He fell for her, but she promised herself she wouldn't fall for him. She knew what he was like, and she didn't want to go through another heart break. She also didn't want to put him in danger... Sasha has a nasty past she wanted to forget, but couldn't. Will Sasha be able to keep her promise or will Louis change his ways for her? Or will he stay the same...


3. Chapter 3

The night wasn't so bad. Louis seems like a really good guy when he's around his family. Could fool me, I'll tell you that. His sisters are really nice, too. Lottie and I became pretty good friends the first four hours I was here. His mom really seems to like me, too. But she thinks Louis and I are a thing but I keep assuring her we aren't while Louis just smirks. It's quite funny how Louis and his sisters are a lot alike. Look at me, I stay here one night and I'm an expert on the Tomlinson's.

I woke up to Louis singing one of the most annoying things ever. We don't have school today, thankfully, because an electric storm decided to swoop in and make the whole city's power go out. Normally I'd be happy about this but that just means I have to stay at Louis' because the cops don't want people leaving until they find out how dangerous this mysterious storm thing could be. 

"You want some tea?" Johannah offered. Me, Johannah and Louis are the only ones up. Johannah preferred I call her by her first name so she doesn't seem old. I just laughed and went along with it. I will admit, I love Louis' family. I wish I could just stay here forever. You know, besides the Louis part.

"Sure" I answered while she got out the supplies and made tea.

"So, looks like you might be here a while..." Louis whispered in my ear, his hot breath tickling my neck. "What do you want to do?" I gasped quietly at the fact he'd say that when his mom was right there. Literately. 

"Remember, you promised you weren't going to try anything," I hastily whispered back. He just chuckled and sat back in his chair. 

Johannah walked in carrying two mugs filled with steaming tea. It's been a while since I actually had a hot cup of tea. "Thank you" I mumbled when she handed me the cup. I kind of feel like I'm intruding. They seem like the perfect family, I don't want to bring in my family drama. I really hope I can leave soon. 

After the tea Louis showed me around the house and it was fairly big. It was also extremely beautiful. He took me down to the basement, only for me to see that it was the biggest room in the house. They had a flat screen TV and four beanbags in front of it. Behind that was a couch and two arm chairs. It has shelves and shelves full of DVD's, Wii games and Xbox games. And it had a book case with about 100 books. It was like I was sucked into an alternative universe full of everything I loved. 

"Nice, right? My dad put this together before he left. It was supposed to be a family room but it turned into a game and movie room." I nodded. He never mentioned anything about his dad leaving. I wondered why he wasn't here. I would say I know the feeling but I don't want to open up to him, I'd be giving in. That is one thing I do not want to do. I can't give in. 

"You want to watch a movie?" He asked, walking over to the TV. I shrugged and followed him. 

"What movie?" He smirked and put a DVD in and sat on the couch. I sat down on a beanbag to avoid being next to him. The screen lit up and 'The Last Exorcism' read across the screen. I shook my head and looked back at Louis. 

"There is no way I'm watching this!" I exclaimed. He chuckled and patted the spot beside him. 

"I'll protect you." He stated. I shook my head again. 

"I like this beanbag. I feel like I'm on a cloud." I crossed my arms and sunk into the beanbag. To be honest, it isn't very comfortable but whatever it takes to show Louis he isn't getting to me.

"Okay, suit yourself." He said, pressing play and laying back on the couch. I turned to the screen and watched the movie start. 

Ten minutes into the movie I was already in hysterics. I was trembling in fear, screaming at every little thing. Louis reached down and pulled me up to the couch and into his lap. I hid my face into his chest and he wrapped his arms protectively around me. Why did I watch this? Soon my eyes were getting heavy and I was falling asleep in his arms. No, Sasha! Don't fall asleep! But I already had. Carried away into my dreams, more the less nightmares.


I shifted in my spot, fluttering my eyes open. I waited a second for my vision to become clear and to take in where I was. I was in Louis basement... snuggled with Louis?!? Oh no! I carefully unwrapped myself from him, trying not to waking him. I stood up and looked down at him. He looked so cute when he was sleeping. I guess I was staring so long I didn't notice he was looking back at me. 

"What time is it?" He asked, looking at the clock. Noon? We slept for three hours? Wow. 

Louis stood up and stretched his arms and legs. I couldn't help but stare, his muscles... stop! Just stop!

He chuckled, noticing my problem and grabbed my hand leading me upstairs. "Good afternoon sleepy heads!" Johannah said. 

"Yeah, I thought you said you two weren't together?" Lottie asked, crossing her arms and looking at our hands. I quickly snatched my hand back and looked at her. 

"We aren't!" I protested. Lottie laughed and took out her phone, holding it up to Louis and I. 

"Then what's this?" It was a picture of Louis and I cuddling on the couch. I will admit, we looked adorable. My face flushed and I batted the phone away. Even Louis was blushing, which is the first time I've seen him do so. 

"Delete that." I demanded, She laughed and started tapping away on her phone. 

"And... send!" 

"What?!" I looked at the phone and saw she sent it to all her contacts. "Lottie! What the heck?!?" Louis and I said in unison, except Louis saying a more vile word. She ran upstairs to her room and Louis was about to chase after her but I pulled him back. 

"Let it go." I said and he looked at me confused. I didn't even know what I was doing right now. "It's too late anyway. No good in yelling at her now." He nodded, knowing I was right. We stayed silent for a moment just looking at each other then suddenly his phone rang. He pulled it out of his pants pocket and answered. 

"Hello?" He said in a dreary tone. I heard a muffled yell from the other side. 

"I didn't do anything! Damn, calm your tits. Here she is, just ask her." He handed me the phone and I put it up to my ear, completely confused. 

"Sasha, are you okay?" It was Liam. I sighed and thought back to the movie. I shuddered and remembered how sweet Louis was treating me. 

"Yes Liam, I'm fine. We fell asleep watching a movie. It's no big deal." He sighed sounding relieved on the other end. I can just imagine his face right now, him probably clenching his fists in frustration because of Louis. He cares too much sometimes but that's why I love him. 

"Okay, just promise me you won't let him do anything to you." I nodded even though he couldn't see me. 

"I promise, Liam. Now stop worrying about me and call Dani, she's the one you need to worry about." He sighed and let me go, hanging up. I handed the phone to Louis and walked away. I really hope I can go home soon.

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