Nobody Compares (A Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Louis was the player in school, until he met Sasha. He fell for her, but she promised herself she wouldn't fall for him. She knew what he was like, and she didn't want to go through another heart break. She also didn't want to put him in danger... Sasha has a nasty past she wanted to forget, but couldn't. Will Sasha be able to keep her promise or will Louis change his ways for her? Or will he stay the same...


1. Chapter 1

Louis POV 

"Who is the lucky girl this year?" Harry asked. I looked around for a hot girl but I've already dated all of them. Maybe I can ask Rosie again? Wait a second...

"Who's that?" I asked, pointing to a petite blonde who was laughing at some joke her friend made. She was beautiful. 

"I don't know but she's hot." Harry said, biting his lip. 

"No, Harry, this one's mine." 

"Lou, you always get the hotter one's" He pouted. I chuckled at his childishness. Every year we pick two girls and whoever gets theirs to fall for them first and hook up, wins. And the loser has to be a slave to the other all summer. I don't remember how we came up with this, but now it's just an every year thing. It seems heartless, but it's fun. I win every year.

"Because I spot them first." I smirk. 

"You guys are such cunts, you know that?" I turn to see my ex-best friend looking at us like we're trash. 

"Liam? What the hell do you want?" I will admit, I miss our old group. We used to be best mates. Me, Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn. But one year we all drifted away except me and Harry. We stayed as close as ever. Niall moved back to Ireland and Zayn transferred schools. Liam stopped hanging out with us when he got a girlfriend, and stopped doing the bet. He used to be part of it. He actually started it... then his target turned into his "true love" and he ditched us. 

"Just stay away from Sasha, alright?" He said, looking at the beautiful girl Harry and I were staring at.

"Sasha? Is that her name?" I asked. He rolled his eyes and walked past us to Sasha. Sasha. That name stuck in my head. It was a beautiful name. She was beautiful. 

"You aren't going to stay away, are you?" Harry asked. I shook my head.

"Not now, I'm not." He laughed and looked around the schoolyard. He pointed to a brunette who was sitting by herself reading. "Her." She was cute, but I don't understand why Harry would pick her. I guess she did seem vulnerable... I just nodded and walked into the school. I am now determined to get Sasha. 

Sasha's POV 

I was talking with my best friend, Danielle, when Liam came over to us. "Hey guys," He hugged Dani and kissed her cheek.

"Hey Liam!" I said, he gave me a quick hug then slung his arm around Dani's shoulders. "Hey Sasha, um, I have to talk to you about something..." He said in his serious tone. I gave him a questioning look and nodded. "Okay... what is it?" I said. I knew it couldn't be anything he wouldn't say in front of Dani. 

"Louis, Louis Tomlinson, he's staring at you" He nodded his head over to Louis but I didn't look back.

"Are you serious." Dani looked over then back at me. "Girl, he's totally checking you out." I blushed but then a millisecond later went back to my regular complexion. "Oh no," I said, I can't be his next target. He will do whatever it takes to get his target. Liam told me all about how the bet works. No one know's about it but us, girls just think he's a player-which he is. Him and his curly haired little friend are the biggest players of the school. 

"Just promise me you won't let him get to you?" Liam asked. He was my best-guy-friend. Dani was my best friend. I nodded and promised him, doing our handshake. I looked over to see Louis walking into the school. Crap. This is not good. My mind wandered off into what would happen if I fell for him. My heart would be shattered... again. Then I thought of what would happen to him... Oh boy, Sasha. You're in trouble.

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