Let Me Kiss You II

This is the same story I have already posted, the only difference is that this one is being continued. The other story was for a competition that was for a single chapter only. Enjoy!:
When Harry, a performer in one of the world's biggest boybands, gets in an accident and loses his memory, he might lose the one he loves as well. Sam, Harry's girlfriends, refuses to think that Harry will never remember her, and she believes somewhere inside him, he does. The reality of the situation hits her like a freight train. This is a tale of love and loss. In the words of the magnificent Nicholas Sparks,
"The initial feelings associated with love are almost like an ocean wave in their intensity, acting as the magnetic force that drew two people together. It is possible to be washed away in the emotion, but the wave wouldn't last forever. It couldn't-nor was it meant to be-but if two people were right for each other, a truer kind of love could last forever in its wake."


1. What's The Story, Morning Glory?

Beep. Beep. Beep.    

I woke up to the sound protruding from my alarm clock. I sat up in my bed, silencing the noise as I did so. I was tired, more tired than I had been in a while. I came to remember the events of the following night. Images of colors, dancing, music, myself, and Him passed through my mind.   

Though he didn't know me, there wasn't much that I didn't know about him. Not to sound like a stalker or anything, but he is a member of the most popular boy-band in the world. I was lucky enough to have spotted him at a club downtown last night, my friends and I could hardly contain our excitement. I thought back on the small details of last night's interaction...  


Walking through the threshold of the doorway to the club, I let my eyes adjust to the colorful lights making intricate patterns across the floor and walls. My friends and I took a moment scanning the dance floor for guys, that was when I laid eyes on Him. He was making his way through the crowd, his curly brown hair and deep green eyes met mine for a flicker of a second until he turned away. 

That alone left me breathless and parched. I made my way to the bar, ordering a small coke with ice to quench my thirst. As I sat the glass down, I felt the soft thud, thud, thud of the speakers blasting out a familiar tune. I turned toward my group of friends as we all began to join in with the song, "So tell me girl if every time we touch, you get this kinda rush? Baby say yeah-" we stopped short when we heard the almost unreal voice singing with us.  

 "-and let me kiss you!" he finished as we stared at each other in awe. I turned around,and allowed my brain to try to compute the odds of this situation.   

I was face to face- literally- with Harry Styles. We were only inches apart,so close that I could feel his cool breath on my face. He smirked as he looked at me, "Hi, I'm Harry" he said, driving me crazy. This couldn't be real. Impossible.   

He cleared his throat, snapping me back into focus, "Um, hi. I'm Sam." He smiled a full smile, and I could hardly breathe.   

"Are you okay, Love?" He asked, his smooth accent letting the words roll right off his tongue.    

"Uh, Yeah. I'm fine... actually I'm more than fine, I'm great. You're Harry Styles."    

Almost as if on cue, Liam Payne came up behind Harry and said "From One direction!" exactly the same way as he did in the Pepsi commercial. I couldn't help but smile, and Liam smiled back at me. "I came over here to tell Harry that me and the boys are starving, but while I'm over here, how about you three lovely ladies come along with us? If that's okay with you of course." He smiled, looking from me to my two friends Sara and Maya.   

The girls couldn't even get a word out, so I answered for us,"We'd love to!"   

"Great!" Harry said, eyes intently focused on me, and I suddenly found myself becoming self-conscious.

As we began to walk towards the back entrance to the club, the girls walked in front of me, trying to keep up with Liam. Meanwhile, Harry walked behind me, and came up to my side. He slid his arm around my waist, as if testing his boundaries considering the fact the we had just met. I allowed him to hold me close, and could feel my heart beating a mile a minute.   

I glanced up at Harry as we neared the other boys. He had a huge grin across his face, and I caught Zayn looking from me to Harry, raising his eyebrows in agreement.   

Could this night get any better?    

We all piled into a limo and Harry was sitting close to me, with his arm draped over the back of my seat. He smiled at me as we left the parking lot of the club.    

Maya was very intent sitting in-between Zayn and Liam, while Sara was bursting with excitement sitting with Louis and Naill. We pulled up to a restaurant that I recognized as Hapa J's. I knew the owners personally, and made sure we got a large booth in the lounge area. We all ordered our meals, and once they arrived we ate like massive football players. All the while Harry's legs were intertwined with mine, and every once in a while I would catch him smiling at me with his big green eyes.   

Once we had finished, we began to walk back to the limo, when Harry stopped me mid-stride. "Hi," He said, awkwardly smiling and looking at his feet.   

"Um hey Harry," I said, trying to hide the edge of anxiousness in my voice. He looked up at me and met my gaze, smiling a cute little smile that showed off his dimples perfectly. He was wearing a tight fitting dark blue sweater, grey skinny jeans, and a white pair of converse.    

"I, uh, had a lot of fun tonight," he said shyly.   

I moved a stray piece of hair out of my face, and said awkwardly, "Me too,"   

He seemed to have gained a sudden wave of confidence,  for he took a step forward, until our torsos were barely an inch apart. I looked up had him, and I realized what was about to happen. He leaned into me, and I felt as if I was flying. His lips lightly brushed mine, and then he pulled back slightly. He smiled at me and took my hand in his.   

We walked back to limo, and Niall looked from Harry to me, then to our intertwined fingers. His smile spread from ear to ear, and he blurted out, "Aye look as these two lovebirds!" I blushed as we got in and began to drive off.   

Once the boys pulled up to my house, Harry walked me to the steps and gave me a quick peck on the cheek before slipping a small note into my coat pocket. As he turned to go, I stopped him, "Wait Harry," I said pulling him back to me.   

"Yes, Love?" He said, a concerned look across his face.   

I kissed him passionately on the lips before releasing him, "Happy Valentines Day," I said as I turned to head up the stairs.   

Harry, a look of shock and bliss on his face, could only manage, "Yeah... Happy Valentines Day." Before turning to leave once more.   


I smiled, hopping out of bed and grabbing the note out of my coat pocket. I opened it up and dialed the number on my cell. It rang three times before the receiver clicked on, "Hello?" The voice said.

"Hey, Harry? It's Sam."   

"I've been waiting for you to call," He said, chuckling slightly.   

I smiled. It hit me then, I was in love. Not only was I in love with someone, I was in love with Harold Edward Styles. An 18 year old boy from Cheshire, England.   

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention he sings a little?           


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