Let Me Kiss You II

This is the same story I have already posted, the only difference is that this one is being continued. The other story was for a competition that was for a single chapter only. Enjoy!:
When Harry, a performer in one of the world's biggest boybands, gets in an accident and loses his memory, he might lose the one he loves as well. Sam, Harry's girlfriends, refuses to think that Harry will never remember her, and she believes somewhere inside him, he does. The reality of the situation hits her like a freight train. This is a tale of love and loss. In the words of the magnificent Nicholas Sparks,
"The initial feelings associated with love are almost like an ocean wave in their intensity, acting as the magnetic force that drew two people together. It is possible to be washed away in the emotion, but the wave wouldn't last forever. It couldn't-nor was it meant to be-but if two people were right for each other, a truer kind of love could last forever in its wake."


3. Upside Down

Once we got back to our picnic blanket, I was growing hungry again. I checked my watch for the time, only to find that it was about five. I looked at Harry as we sat down, his curls were slightly dangling in front of his eyes, and he smiled at me. He then looked towards the water, a playful look in his eyes. "You ready?" He asked returning his gaze to my face. We locked eyes and he nodded toward the waves. I smiled widely before grabbing his hand to help me up.

I sprinted toward the crashing waves, shouting at Harry, "Last one there is a rotten egg!" He laughed and sped up his pace. I was just getting warmed up, for when he was in range, I bolted out ten feet in front of him. I felt the sand beneath my toes becoming squishy and wet, I was five feet away from the water. Four. Three. Two. One.

All of the sudden, Harry had me gripped tightly around my torso. He lifted me up over his shoulder before tossing me into the water. He dove in next to me as a wave passed through us. We both looked at each other for a second, before exploding with laughter. 

Harry swam over to me and watched me cautiously with his deep green eyes. Then he was gone. Submerged under the water, he was invisible. I felt something run its fingers along the bottom of my foot and I squirmed away from it. Suddenly Harry was right behind me, a wide grin on his face. 

His luscious curls were soaked and dripping in front of his eyes. He looked ridiculous  I couldn't help but laugh. He gave me a sideways glance before asking, "What's so funny, Love?"

"Nice hair," I said stifling another laugh.

He looked down at his reflection in the water, making a face as he did so. He looked at me, a fierce expression in his eyes, he smirked. He dipped his head down again, flipping his hair as he came back up. I was breathless. Harry must have seen the expression on my face, because he looked at me, with a smoldering look on his face before saying, "How about now?"

I giggled before closing the gap in between us. 


After about 20 minutes, we trudged back up to Harry's car. We were soaking wet, and it was beginning to get cold, so Harry grabbed two towels out of the trunk.We sat in the parking lot, wrapped up in towels, until the sun began to set. Harry looked at me and asked, "What would you like for dinner, Love?"

"Hmm I don't know but I'm starving," I said glancing down at my damp clothes.

Harry nodded, "How about I take you back to your house so you can change and shower, then we can go out to dinner?"

My stomach growled in agreement, and Harry held open my door to the car again before hopping in. While driving back, he turned on the radio and smiled at we both recognized the One Direction tune.

Harry looked at me before singing along with the radio version of himself, "I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape, you never want to know how much you weigh, you still have to squeeze into your jeans, but you're perfect to me," I knew he was just trying to make me smile, but I couldn't help but tear up a bit when he sang that line to me. I grabbed his hand and gave it a small squeeze, as we drove the rest of the way in silence.


Once back at the house, we ran up and Harry unlocked the door. I stepped inside, removing my towel as I did so. Harry followed as I asked, "Do you need to borrow some clothes?"

"If you don't mind, yes," He said as I tossed him a pair of cream colored men's jeans and a light blue shirt. He looked at me questioningly before asking, "Wait, why do you have men's clothing  Is there something you're not telling me?"

I felt a lump catch in my throat, and I looked down to my feet. How could I tell him? I asked myself. "Um, can we talk about this later?" I asked, as I felt tears beginning to swell in my eyes. 

Harry searched my face for any sign of what was wrong, "No. Somethings wrong. You're sad. What happened?" 

I don't know what made me tell him. Maybe it was the soft expression he looked at me with. Whatever it was, it had enough power to have bad memories resurface. "About six months ago I was in a relationship with an amazing guy. We were just coming back from a picnic at the park. It had started to rain, so we were forced to leave early," I said glancing at Harry before continuing, "The rain was coming down hard, and we could barely see five feet in front of the car. The wind must have picked up or something," I swallowed, "All of the sudden, there was a branch through the windshield. The paramedics that arrived on the scene said the only way I lived through the accident was because Brayden let go of the wheel and used his body to shield me from the glass."

Harry pulled me towards him in a warm embrace, and kissed me lightly on the forehead before brushing a tear off my face, "I had no idea, Sam. I shouldn't have brought it up."

"No it's okay," I sniffled, "I would have had to tell you eventually,"

"Go hop in the shower. I'll wait out here," He said, giving me a soft smile.

 "There's a second shower down the hall and to the right, feel free to use it," I tried my best to smile back.

"Thanks," He said, kissing me lightly before bounding down the hall to the bathroom.

I was alone.

I heard the shower turn on, and figured he wouldn't take very long in there. I hopped in my shower, letting the hot water clear away all negative thoughts. 

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