Just Another February

To me, February was just another common month in the world's 12 month calendar. But this one February was not what I expected. Want to know what I lived through with famous boy band One Direction? Well, read and find out!

* Just like my other movella, it's based on Puerto Rico


5. Nutella War


  I was terrified when I stepped out of the airplane to Heat-throw airport. I had left my home behind, to be with Harry and the rest of the boys during their tour. Liam and Zayn had done everything in their power to make me smile during the flight, but I was terrified of flying. Not the stupid kind, it wasn't claustrophobia either. It was the really bad kind, hyperventilating, with allergy alerts, and the constant fear of falling over and dying. You can guess the treat the boys had with me. My mom must have planned the whole thing. I wonder if seeing me scared was in her to do list?

  Once we reached downtown London I was between sleep land and consciousness. I hadn't slept a wink during the flight, worst hours of my life. Harry had tried everything to stay awake with me, but sleep beat him to it. I had never seen him sleep, he was adorable! Harry took me to his apartment. I would be staying there during their remaining time in London. I would tour Great Britain and Ireland with them, may be Spain, but America was for them only. I wouldn't go with them, I wanted to explore the "Old Continent" and plan a future as far away from my mother's claws as possible. 

 I would ask Harry about people who could help me out. He would know, he is Harry Styles. "Harry, can I ask you something?" "Sure, what's wrong?" I thought about the right way to put it. "I was wondering if there are any people in this city who could help me figure out a career. Based on my very few knowledge's in the media. Is there any one you could trust enough with me to help out?" I looked at him straight in the eyes, waiting for an answer. He nodded "Yes, but you have to get some sleep first. I'll contact them and take you there tomorrow. You need to be rested so you can be open to the probabilities, O.K.?" I nodded. 

I had to shower. And get comfy. "Where's the bathroom?" I asked a bit too loud. He took my hand and led me through his apartment. "Here's the bathroom, there's clean towels on that shelf over there," he pointed to one of the walls and continued "if you need shampoo it's in the shower. If you need anything, yell so I can hear you." He said. I thanked him and went to his room to get my toiletries bag from my suitcase, grabbed some short sweats, clean underwear and a french terrier t-shirt. I closed the door to the bathroom behind me and turned on the shower. I stripped and stepped in. I waited a few minutes and let the drops fall over me freely. 

  I was finished 15 minutes later. I turned it off and went to grab the towel when I forgot I hadn't picked any with me when I stripped. Shit! I had to call Harry, wet tiled floor was dangerously slippery, I should know, I fell quite a lot as kid. "HARRY!!! HARRY!!!" No response. "HARRY!!!!!!!" "Yes?" "Bathroom, NOW!" He peeked through the door. "How may I be of assistance?" He had his eyes closed. "Can you hand me a towel? Wet tiled floor is really slippery." He still had his eyes closed when he walked into the bathroom. He tripped with a few things. "Harry, stop it! Open your eyes! We had sex for crying out loud! You saw me naked then!" I said irritated. He opened his eyes, went to the shelf and got a towel. He handed it to me. "Thanks. Now was that hard?" I asked. "No." But he didn't look at me in the eyes. 

I could feel his eyes examinate every inch of my body. "You know, the house isn't properly house broken for you. It would be a shame if we didn't." He said. I dried myself, and teased him. I got dressed and left my things in his room. I walked to the living room with him at my tail. When I sat in the couch and he sat to me, I looked at him. "Well, I would hate for you to be a bad host. If we must house break it the correct way, I wouldn't want it to affect us. What would  you recommend?" I said. He smiled. "Well, many things come to mind. But one seems to take over a bit more." He leaned forward and kissed me.

 We were in his bedroom in no time, practically naked. Harry was tenderly kissing my neck, leaving marks I would regret in the morning. He was so damn good with what he did. I was melting in his arms by the second. Everything was wonderful. And when I got there, I screamed. I couldn't believe it got better and better. I fell asleep on his arms. In the morning, he was already awake, patiently waiting for me. "I called, they want to meet you at 1:00." I squinted my eyes and nodded. "O.K." was all I said. 

 I sat up and gazed around the room. He was quite messy. The only place that was in order was the spot where my suitcase sat. "How does breakfast sound?" I asked looking over at him. "Sounds good. Want anything in particular?" I thought about it. I shook my head. "Then pancakes it is!" He shouted and ran out of the room. I shook my head, grabbed my clothes from the floor and put them on. I searched through his drawers and found him some clothes, he'd run off naked. I picked some boxers, running shorts and a t-shirt, just in case. 

I walked after him and saw him searching for pancake ingredients in the fridge. "Put some clothes on first, or you'll freeze from the waist down." I said as I shoved the clothes at him. He put it on while I checked the fridge. Then I raided his cupboards. "Please, tell me you have Nutella here." I said while closing another cupboard without success. He shook his head. "How can you not have Nutella?!?" I said in shock. "I don't but the store does." I rolled my eyes and went to the bedroom. "Where are you going?" He asked leaning against the door frame. "To go buy some Nutella." I said while zipping my jeans and grabbing some TOMS and a coat from the suitcase. I left the room "Aren't you coming?" He rolled his eyes and changed into jeans and a coat and followed me out. We got to the store, bought the Nutella and  headed back. 

 We did the pancakes and they were super delicious if I may add. For the rest of the time remaining, we got ready and left for my meeting with the mysterious people who would help me with my career. I was nervous the whole car ride, and I think Harry could tell. "Don't worry, they'll love you." He reassured me. When we got there, I tried everything not to freak out. In the lobby there was this really pretty lady tending to calls, she let us right through as soon as she saw Harry. She smiled warmly at me and turned to answer another call. "Relax, they won't bite." I nodded. 

 We walked up to a meeting room, we sat and waited. 2 people walked in after us. One, Simon Cowell, whom I immediately recognized, and a woman with a very elfish face with an iPad in hand. They greeted us and asked me a couple of questions, if I could sing, not much, if I could act, never tried it, they asked me about my past, I said where I was born and my age. The woman wrote everything down in her iPad. The questions kept going, with them allowing me very little time to recompose before the next. "Well, I think she might have something in store, but I'm not sure if singing might be it. We could see her dancing skills and acting. Her modeling career is still fresh, we could start by that. No athletic background, and you're mom, she does seem determined to help out." The woman, Jade said. "I think she has a very wide chance of making it big in Europe. Have you seen her facial features?" Simon said. Jade nodded. "Definitely big chance of making it. But I'm going to have to dig a bit if I want to find something that will set her straight off." She said. I looked at Harry. He smiled at me, but his eyes had worry in them.

I took a deep breath. " Is there any possibility I can stay here in Europe and only stay popular here?" I asked. Simon and Jade looked at each other. "Yes, but don't you want to be known in America?" Jade asked. I shook my head. "Would you care to explain yourself why not?" Simon asked. I closed my eyes. "I rather not." Harry took my hand ans squeezed it. Jade nodded and got up from the chair. "I can talk to a few agencies and studios to see if they are willing to test you out. It'll be hard, but I'm sure someone is willing to take out a probable star and polish them in the shape needed. I need you to be open to the options. Can you do that for me?" Jade asked. I nodded.

"Great, I will call as soon as I get something. Get ahead in school for the meantime. Enjoy London. I'll check options and you can explore Britain during tour with the boys. It could help to settle you in a path. Simon, ask the boys' vocal coach to test if she's any good singing. I want to know exactly what I'm working with. I'll make her a star even if it's the last thing I do." And just like that, Jade was gone.

On the way back to the apartment, Harry didn't question me. He sang along with the radio and spoke about places he would like to take me. I let him enjoy himself. Once back, I told him I wanted to watch a movie. He let me pick. We snuggled on the couch. Somewhere in the movie, I fell asleep. My day had been exhausting. Jade would figure out if I was any good. I wonder if I am...


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