Just Another February

To me, February was just another common month in the world's 12 month calendar. But this one February was not what I expected. Want to know what I lived through with famous boy band One Direction? Well, read and find out!

* Just like my other movella, it's based on Puerto Rico


4. Mrs. Olivia Manueli a.k.a. MOM

I agreed on seeing my mom early Monday morning, before her big meeting with the editors from a European magazine that I didn't know of. You see, it's my mom's idea that I get in to the family business. I told my mom's assistant that he should tell her I was already there. He rolled his eyes on me, but I pretended not to see anything. He told me to  go ahead to her office. I did. I hadn't bothered perking up because my emotions would decline as soon as I stepped foot in her office.  I was about to  open the door when I heard her laugh accompanied by a laugh I already knew, recently, but I knew it. I opened the door, my mom was facing to me, when she saw the smile slightly vanished. "Kora, you're here!!" "You were expecting me." I said, but I was looking at the person who sat i front of her desk, with their back to me. I knew that curly hair perfectly well. "Yes, I know sweetie, there, take a seat." I did as she said, but instead of looking at her, I turned to the person who sat next to me.

"Hello Harry, funny seeing you here." I said full of sarcasm. "Hello Kora, you look lovely as ever." And thinking I was still numb from my last kiss with him. "So, you have met before..." I wasn't surprised, my mom had spies all over the city, they could have easily spotted me and him. The conversation revolved around Harry and my mom. I admit, he was good and my mom was impressed. It was like a tennis game, one point for Styles, another for Manueli, kind of like that. "Harry, you will be on tour soon, right?" He nodded. I looked at my mom, she had a plan at work. "Kora, you are looking for a spot in International affairs, right?" "Yes, but in my own terms." She ignored me. "Well, since you refuse my help here at the agency, I think a good help to start in your career as publicity agent, or whatever you decide might be with an already famous figure." I did NOT like how this was going to. "What do you mean by this?" Harry restrained me when I moved forward. "Since you and Harry already know each other, you could date, you know to help in your international launching." 

"Harry, what do you think of this?" I asked, still looking at my mom. "I think it might work, but I don't know if you're alright with it." I looked at him. It was clear he didn't know my mom, at all. "Harry, you don't know what you're talking about." I said, but my mom didn't hear it. His eyes said a thousand words 'remember, this might work for us. I'll help you in the international launch, but I need to know what it is that you can do.' He didn't say it, but his eyes did. "Do we have an agreement?" My mom asked. We looked at each other's eyes. We nodded in unison. "Yes."




We were at my house, eating Chinese food sitting on the ground at front of the T.V. "What's your international launch about?" Harry asked. I was facing him, I finished chewing and swallowed. "I went through design school during high school, modeling school until last January, I got through various school talent shows, but I lack height, and other stuff to get through the rest." Harry stretched towards me and kissed me. "Modeling, you could pull it off. You are the sexiest girl I've ever seen." I blushed a deep shade of red. We stayed close to each other's bodies for hours, it wasn't until late at night when we spoke. "Kora, your first kiss?" I shook my head. "I don't want to talk about it. And I don't think you want to either." He snorted. "Okay, what about your sexual life?" There was humor in his voice. "There's no sex life, Harry. Not yet though." I said. I wasn't trying to be flirty, or seducing but, I think he had something else in mind. His lips crashed on mine, I felt the passion rise up in every cell of my body. I had never been the dominant one in a relationship, I barely reached my 19th year, which was coming in summer. "Harry..." I whimpered. 

"Yes or no?" What was he talking about? "Yes or no?" I nodded my head. I had a feeling of what it might be. "I won't push you to do anything you don't feel like doing." He whispered, the hair in my nape shot up. He was teasing me. Way too much. "Harry, just do it already. I can live with it." I whimpered between moans. He kept kissing me the way he knew how.  The front buttons of my blouse were opened, my pencil skirt remained. I undressed Harry's torso. I felt his heart beat on my palms. I traced his tattoos.  Harry was fiddling with my bra. Before unhooking it, I undid my pony tail, my hair fell over my breasts. The bra unhooked, my skirt off, only in my undies. Harry was halfway there on being semi nude. Right there, on my living room floor, next to a Madonna figurine, so revered by my family, Harry saw me naked for the first time. He saw the unevenness of my breasts, my naval, and the heart freckle next to my belly button. "Is that a tattoo?" I shook my head. "Birth mark." I said, but my eyes weren't looking at his face, I was tracing every line on his body.

"How much do you want me?" I asked. " I'm crazed right now." I looked at his eyes. I nodded once. I leaned forward and kissed him, I pulled him down with me. I barely remember the moment, just joy, pleasure, pain, enjoyment. When he filled me for the first time, completely, I had to take a deep breath, cause I was full to the brink. His thrusts were uneven, but fast. I remember the one moment when my nails dug into his back and I moaned, groaned, whimpered. But when I hit the brick wall and fireworks erupted, when I felt endurable pain marked by pleasure. I screamed, because it was painful, but a pain so good that couldn't be held in. Harry's hips bucked with mine he moaned and collapsed over me. 

It took a while for us to recover. We sat on my floor, my head resting on his chest, he was cuddling me, caressing my hair. He was still naked, just like me. The tiles felt way colder than normal under my touch, but my body was very warm. "How do you feel about a shower?" I laughed at him. But I nodded. we showered, but had sex too. If I was going to practically live with him, I had to know him.

We got dressed again and left my place for a really late dinner. Paparazzi got to us pretty quickly. We pretended as if nothing happened.  We laughed and ate. We walked around the city. I got a text from my mom's office, 'you're leaving for Europe on Thursday. PACK!!!! You need to be professional but cute.' Not a suggestion, an order. "Want to go to my place?" I asked. "Will there be games?" He asked me with his cheeky grin. "Yes, lots and lots of games." With that answer we headed to his hotel, got stuff for tomorrow and went to my  house. Games, a few, but very fun. 

I left early on Thursday with the guys. I was happy cause I would pursue my dreams, but I was scared, I wouldn't know how the others would react to my presence. But I'm pretty sure my mom took care of that already.




Hello my Lucky Februaries!!!!!! I know it's mid March, but the tale is not even halfway there!!!!!!!!!! So keep waiting for updates. I have a competition in mind, the details will be posted as soon as I have them. 


OOOOOOOHHHHH I have wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!! To the ones that are from the U.S. know about the Washington D.C. close ups, well, I got picked among my grade to attend this fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo happy, so there fore I will be updating as much as possible during the time being so when I'm gone you'll have enough to enjoy!!!!!!!


Sorry if I startled you. I don't have a selected date for updating, but I would probably post 2 chapters on the same day before April 3rd, since that day is my B-Day and I'm gonna get my Learner's Permit. So, wish me luck.


Also, if you want me to post an ENTIRE chapter in Spanish, or part of it, please let me know. 




A.M. Arce

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