Just Another February

To me, February was just another common month in the world's 12 month calendar. But this one February was not what I expected. Want to know what I lived through with famous boy band One Direction? Well, read and find out!

* Just like my other movella, it's based on Puerto Rico


1. Just my luck

I crossed once again like on any other regular day around old San Juan. It was strangely windy for February. My usual Starbucks wasn't doing the needed effect. I hated to go to college on such a weather. My day couldn't get any worst. Boy was I wrong! I got a text from Kat, 'Don't bother coming over here. The school is leaving us off today. Do what ever you feel like doing. Fabi and I will be over pier 1 shopping for tomorrow night. It still isn't too late to come with us to the benefit tomorrow!!! Luv u xxxx' My little Kitty Kat, I'd known her since early years, so forth with Fabi.



I turned around and headed for Starbucks again, I needed more warmth. I did the long line once again and thought about my next move. I could go to the grocery store near my town-home and get some chocolate to last me a lifetime. Or I could head over pier 1 and go shopping with the girls. I need a break, a break from all the scrambled up feelings I had. I had to get over him! Just move on Kora, he dumped you for your bff!!!! "Next!" The counter girl called. "I'll have a mocha latte, hold down the cream, and add extra mocha and a double shot of caffeine." I said, an unwilling impulse. "Under whose name might it be?" "Kora, Kora Noelle." I awaited my lovely friend and saw who was behind me in line. The counter girl literally drooled over him.


I admit, he looked very attractive from the side. "So? Are you staying here for long?" She flirted, I rolled my eyes. "U mm, I just want to order my coffee, if you don't mind. I'm kinda in a deadline here." He said, smooth and simple, I liked that in a man. He ordered, I could not help but notice his low, husky voice, marked by a British accent. "Do you find me amusing?" He asked. It was towards me now. "No, not you. Her actually, it looks like she was about to strip naked." I laughed. He smiled. My gosh, it was amazing! "I'm Harry, Harry Styles." He stretched his hand. I shook it. "I'm Kora Noelle. You're not a frequent visitor to here are you?" "Nah, I'm here for a while, I have else where to be. Why do you ask?" He replied, his curly hair falling over his forehead.  "Well, for starters, I've known that girl for a year now and she never treats anyone so... warmly. And d, I've seen many tourists before, and your description doesn't fit." I said, they called my name. 

"Well, that's me. It was nice to meet you. See you around, I guess..." I said and paid my bill. When I was about to reach for the door someone called me. It was Harry. "Give me a moment. Show me around. You seem to know where you're heading!" I couldn't help nodding okay. He paid his coffee and we left the shop. I walked him around old San Juan. We chatted slightly. "You really don't know who I am, don't you?" He asked, it startled me. "You're Harry, and you're English. That's all I know. Sorry..." I said. I felt ashamed. "Don't be. Do you want to know who I am?" I shook my head.

"I'd rather not, you see, I don't want to get attached with a tourist. I did that mistake once." "At least tell me about you." He pleaded with his mesmerizing green eyes and those dimples! Gosh, he was gorgeous! "Well, umm, you barely know me. And I'm a local.  My real name is Kora Noelle Banderas. My mom, she's a fashion icon, which means they expect me to be a protege." I rambled. "Let me guess, you're miserable?"  I shook my head, what was I kidding? I nodded. He let out a smile.

We talked for ages. It wasn't until a girl around 12 asked for his autograph that I realized who he was. "Do you hate me for not telling who I am?" I shook my head. "I'm guessing you have your reasons not to. There is one thing I kinda wonder about... Why are you like talking to me?" He let out his already familiar cheecky grin. "Because you didn't preassure me into saying who I really am. Kora, do you have plans for tomorrow night? It is Valentine's Day..." He asked. Harry Styles from One Direction just asked me out.

I smiled at him. His face lit up. "I don't know what to say! Yeah, sure. I'll go out with you. But one request." I said. "What might that be?" He scrunched his eyebrows together. "Don't over do yourself. Surprise me but don't over do yourself." I stated. We walked around my home city until long at night. We exchanged numbers and he walked me to my house. "Are you sure you can make your way to your hotel alone? I mean, it's a strange city. I could call a cab." I stated rambling, again. Most of my conversations are rambles. "Kora, I'll be fine. Just calm down. As soon as I get to my hotel I'll call you, alright?" He said, while cupping my chin with his spare hand, the other one at his pocket. I nodded okay.  He smiled once  more. He leaned over my petite stature and kissed my lips gently.

It wasn't until half an hour later that he called saying he got to his hotel. He kept talking about what he found attractive in me. My auburn hair, my freckled face, my short staure, that I was curvy. Even things I didn't know he knew about me. It was just amazing!


February 13, the best day of my New Year!


Just my Luck, for Just Another February!



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