Just Another February

To me, February was just another common month in the world's 12 month calendar. But this one February was not what I expected. Want to know what I lived through with famous boy band One Direction? Well, read and find out!

* Just like my other movella, it's based on Puerto Rico


2. Forever alone day a.k.a. Thursday

  For the first time in 2 years I had a date on Valentine's day, no strings attatched. It had always been with my boyfriend here, and there. But now, I had a date with Harry Styles. I cancelled plans with the girls and told them something... interesting (if you could put it that way) happened. They took it pretty well, especially when it meant someone had asked me out. So, yep, there I was, in Starbucks at 8:30 am in Old San Juan on February 14, Harry was there, ordering coffee. He smiled when he saw me approach, I smiled back.

 "What brings you here?" He asked with his usual smile plastered on his face. "The necesity of coffee. It's nice to see you here. But, I'm surprised... it's kinda early." He didn't answer fast, he actually ordered me a coffee, the one I ordered yesterday. Content with what he'd done, he led me to one of the tables. We talked for a few. Mostly about our past romances, don't get me wrong, I knew for sure about his reputation, but he was very sweet and caring.

  Larry Stylinson was brought up. "Actually, I think it's nice that you have such a close bond with Louis. I don't even talk that much with my own sister." I think people should just get over the fact of them. They love each other like brothers. I barely talk to my siblings.

  I left Starbucks I agreed on seeing my girls over the docks. Kat and Fabi needed my presence immediatly. Probably dress problems, with the benefit tonight. "So, who's the guy that asked you out?" Fabi asked, always the straight forward one. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." But I didn't say it. "A guy that is friends with my brother. He's nice." "And by that you mean he's hot." Kat said. Which wasn't so far out the truth.

   Harry picked me up around 8:00 pm. He wore a simple suit, but he looked worth a million dollars. i felt under dressed in my black dress, and heels. "You look beautiful!" I blushed, I think. "Thanks, you look very handsome." He smiled at me even more. He led me trhough streets and streets of my city. we ended up by Pier 1, we got on a boat. In that small little boat, Harry and I had a candle lit dinner over my home city, 5 nautical miles over water. He sang for me and I felt like I hadn't felt in years.

   We danced a bit and I pretty much wished the night wouldn't end. Once again in my city streets, it began to rain. I always loved it more when it rained.  I laughed and ran around lamp posts. Harry caught up with me. "You look absolutely amazing when wet." He said and kissed me. My list had one thing less on it, minus the Kiss under the rain. we kissed for a long time. Harry walked me back home, I let him in, made some coffee, and dried up his clothes in the dryer.

  I don't know if it was that he was half naked in my living room, or the fact that he ws amazing, but we tumbled up the stairs. To my room. Door closed. And on my bed. Afterwards, I lay with my head on his chest, he stroking my hair. "Kora, I think I love you." He said. My cheeks flushed red. "I think I love you too, Harry."

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