The 14th

BreeAnn Venice doesn't like Valentine's Day. Not one bit. Her fondness for the love-filled holiday vanished after the year of 2010 when she realized her dear friend, who went off and signed his life away to become a singer, wasn't with her. No one said Valentine's Day couldn't be filled with unexpected surprises.


1. The 14th

It was Valentine's Day - the day where lovers would meet, unecessary gifts would be given, and left over love would be exchanged. A holiday where all couples would cherish every little moment that was given to them since they were together.

For 18 year-old, BreeAnn Venice, Valentine's Day is another Thursday for her. She hasn't celebrated a Valentine's Day since February 14, 2010. 2010 was probably one of the most best, yet heartbreaking, year she has ever had. Her long time friend, Zayn Malik, went to pursue his career during the summer of 2010. He strived to become a singer. BreeAnn understood where Zayn was coming from - for she wanted to pursue an acting career one day.

BreeAnn laid back in her bed, at 6:30 at night, on the unexciting second Thursday of February. She tried to close her eyes to fall into a deep sleep, only to relieve her of the 14th and enter the following day of February.

She heard a sudden creak in the door, causing her to whip her head around. Her mother came into view. Her mother was dressed in a snug, strapless, amenthyst colored dress.

"BreeAnn, your father and I are going to head out. Are you ok to stay home alone?" She asked hastily, as if she was in a rush to leave the Venice family home.

BreeAnn sighed and nodded slowly, "I'm ok, Mum. Have a nice time with Dad."

Her mother smiled at her and approached her, kissing the top of her head. She pulled away from her and looked into BreeAnn's dark brown eyes, "We'll be back soon. Both of us know that you don't like Valentine's Day."

BreeAnn shrugged, not caring what time they would return, "I'm fine, Mum. Just make sure you have a nice time, alright?"

"I will, Sweetie. You always have my number," She said, backing up into the doorway.

"Alright, make sure Dad treats you right!" She exclaimed, holding up a demanding index finger.

Her mother laughed at her behavior, "I'll make sure of it, Bree. Good night."

With that, she left. BreeAnn sat up in her bed, listening to the footsteps fading from her doorway, to the staircase and finally the opening and closing of the front door. She leaned back in her bed and again wished to be engulfed into a dreamless sleep.

For some reason, sleep wasn't coming to her. Her mind was telling her to stay up. She didn't like the idea of staying up on Valentine's Day. Every where she would go, she would be reminded of this conspiracy called "love." If she turned on the television, Valentine's Day specials would appear. If she browsed the internet, all these Valentine's Day articles, statuses and updates would pop up at her. If she wanted to walk the streets, she would probably find couples holding hands and sharing spontaneous kisses.

BreeAnn shifted again in her bed, begging mentally for the thoughts of the 14th to escape her mind. Valentine's Day has become a curse to her when she realized that she didn't have anyone to celebrate it with during the year of 2011. Her best friend was gone. He signed his life away. In BreeAnn's mind, she always thought, Why would anyone sign their life away? Does he have any freedom? He probably can't do anything he pleases.

Her phone went off. Her alert sound - telling her she is receiving a text message. She didn't bother with until the alert sound played again. She groaned and shifted toward her bedstand. She picked up her cased iPhone and unlocked it. She pressed onto the messages application and saw that the two texts were from an unknown number. The two messages read;

"Hey Bree! Happy Valentine's Day!"

"I wish I was there with you right now."

BreeAnn sat up, leaning against the backboard of her bed. She didn't bother texting the persistant unknown number. The number was recognizable. It was actually an out-of-area number. A London area number.

She stumbled out of bed, bringing her feet - that were covered by thermal, black, ankle socks - to the hardwood floor that was plastered in her room. She walked over to her balcony doors. It was snowing lightly. It never snowed much in Bradford, just a couple of light flurry showers here and there.

She grabbed her sweated and pushed her arms through the sleeves of it. She stepped into a pair of worn-out slippers, right foot first. Using her right hand, she opened one of the balcony doors. She walked out of her room, onto the white balcony.

Light flurries immediately attached to her dusky brown hair. Her eyes opened to a view that was definitely picture-perfect. Snow attached to every surface, which made the view become a sheeted white wonder.

With her eyes to focused on the view in front of her, she heard a car zoom past the street. Her eyes drifted to the car and observed who got out. She immediately saw someone get out of the right side of the car, waving back at the one who drove him or her to the street.

BreeAnn continued to watch to light snow fall from the limits of the sky. She began to fantasize of stereos that she had dreamt of for a long time. Having a boy friend that she could share this perfect moment with, instead of it just being her. Of course, this was only a dream to BreeAnn. She enjoyed the moment anyway, no matter the atmosphere.

Suddenly, BreeAnn heard footsteps. She looked down at the steps of her balcony and saw a dark figure at the bottom of the staircase. BreeAnn thought the worst and ran back in her room, locking the balcony doors. She was about to run out of her room, but immediately came to a holt when a voice caught her.

"BreeAnn, wait," The voice said, through the doors.

She turned back, obvious fear in her eyes. The figure still stood at her door. She couldn't make out who the person was or what the person looked like because of the restrictive, fogged up glass.

The person used their hand to remove some of the fog, making a clear view. The person peered through the now clear area of the glass door. The face looked familiar to BreeAnn.

BreeAnn took small steps toward the door and peered through the area the person on the other side looked through. It was no doubt that the person was male. She could only make out dark hair and black hoodie.

"Bree, open up," The Bradford accent ordered politely.

BreeAnn shook her head, "I don't even know who you are."

"Bree, yes you do. Just believe me," The nameless person said, chattering his teeth.

BreeAnn started to feel a little bad now. The guy was cold. He could be some criminal for all that BreeAnn knew, but that didn't stop BreeAnn from opening the balcony doors. As she opened the lightweight doors, she was welcomed by the smiling figure. Dark, choppy hair, soft, brown eyes, and a toothy smile.

A feeling of jollity washed over BreeAnn when she realized that this was her long-time friend, Zayn Malik.

BreeAnn crashed Zayn into a hug, buring her head into his hoodie. "Zayn," was the only word she could say, considering how shock she was.

Zayn pulled away from BreeAnn which a smile, taking her hands, "Hello there, Love."

BreeAnn smiled and said, "We have doors for a reason. You didn't have to scare the hell out of me."

"I thought it would be romantic, considering it is Valentine's Day, but apparently I came off as a masked murderer," Zayn chuckled.

BreeAnn shook her head at Zayn's statement, yet the smile remained on her face, "Well, come in. I know you're cold."

BreeAnn led Zayn inside her room, where Zayn found some sort of relief from the cold. BreeAnn kicked off her slippers and took off her sweater, draping it back on the radiator. Zayn pulled his hoodie over his head and placed it next to BreeAnn's sweater.

"I'm surprised you recognized me. I changed alot in the last 3 and a half years," Zayn said to BreeAnn, grabbing the drawstring bag he brought with him.

"You're everywhere! You and your band mates probably don't have one magazine where you weren't on the cover or don't have one radio station where you aren't playing," BreeAnn said matter-of-factly.

Zayn smiled, still looking down at the bag, where his hands were sifting around, "So, you listen to our music?"

BreeAnn shrugged, "Not really. No offense to you! It just made me cry each time when I heard your voice and I couldn't hear it in person."

Zayn looked up at BreeAnn with a sad smile. He held a single rose that he took out from the drawstring bag. He approached her and handed it to her, "Listen, I'm sorry that I wasn't here. I wish I could take trips to Bradford every day, but I can barely get a trip anywhere every 6 months."

BreeAnn accepted the rose and looked up at Zayn, "I understand, Zayn. I'm just glad that you are doing what you love best."

Zayn smiled and extended his arm out to tuck a piece of BreeAnn's hair behind her ear, "I just can't believe that I'm with my best friend again."

"I can't believe it either, Malik," BreeAnn smiled, playfully punching Zayn's arm.

Zayn turned around and grabbed the drawstring bag again. He took out movies - "Something Borrowed," "The Notebook," "The Vow," and "Love Actually." All of these sappy movies that got to BreeAnn every time.

"Come on, lay down and I'll pop one of these movies in. Celebrate Valentine's Day the way we used to - watching sappy movies," Zayn said, bringing the movies over to the flat screen television that was facing the bed.

BreeAnn tilted her head, "How'd you know all of the top sappy movies? You're a horror movie guy."

Zayn chuckled and looked at BreeAnn over his shoulder, "My friend, Harry, told me all of the romantic movies. It's not like I'm going to bring the sappy movies that we watched 4 years ago. Something different is always good."

"I'm not complaining," BreeAnn said, humor saturated in her voice.

Zayn returned to the bed, laying next to BreeAnn, with the remote in his hand. He pressed play on the remote. BreeAnn's eyes went to the television and Zayn's eyes were stuck on BreeAnn. Seeing BreeAnn for the first time in about 4 years, has probably been the most memorable event in the year of 2013 that will occur.

As the movie went on, BreeAnn started to lean on Zayn's shoulder. Zayn opened his arm, drawing her in to cuddle into his chest. BreeAnn took the opputunity and felt safe, happy, and loved while wrapped in Zayn's arms - and that's just what Zayn was going for.

* * * *

They only made it threw 2 of the movies and it took them to midnight. BreeAnn's parents have yet to come home - it didn't bother BreeAnn though. She enjoyed the time alone with Zayn. Zayn's phone rang, which startled BreeAnn, making her head pop up from her position. Zayn looked back at her and smiled. He put his arm around her again and let her cuddle into him again.

Zayn looked at his phone and saw that it was a merely a text message. It was from band mate, Louis. It read;

"Yo Malik, the boys and I are waiting for you to return."

Zayn groaned and leaned his head back. BreeAnn looked up at Zayn and gave him a concerned look.

"What's wrong, Zayn?" She asked.

"The boys are waiting for me to come back," Zayn said, causing BreeAnn to sigh.

BreeAnn took a deep breath, "Well, I understand, Zayn."

Zayn gave her a sad smile and swung his legs over the bed, getting to his feet. BreeAnn followed the steps that Zayn took and faced him.

"I guess I'll see you the 14th of 2014," She said sarcastically.

Zayn smiled, and grabbed BreeAnn's hands gently, "I'd like to see you the 15th of 2013."

BreeAnn smiled and eyebrows furrowed, "How are you going to do that?"

"Since I spend alot of time in London, I'd like for you to move in with me," Zayn said, barely audible to BreeAnn's ears.

"Wouldn't you still have to travel?" She asked, eyes reading a illiterate emotion.

"Of course, but London is basically the source of everything. Plus, you'd have four new best friends," Zayn said, a new smile tugging at his lips.

"I have one best friend, no one could ever replace you," BreeAnn said, smile wide, biting her bottom lips slightly.

Zayn shrugged, "What if we weren't best friends?"

BreeAnn's expression plummitted, "W-What do you mean?"

Zayn took a step closer to BreeAnn, "I mean more than best friends."

BreeAnn felt heat rise to her cheeks and she knew she would stammer if she attempted to speak, but she took the risk anyway, "E-Excuse me?"

"BreeAnn Felicia Venice, do you think you could be mine? Not just on the 14th in 2013, but everyday of every year," Zayn said, speaking profoundly, undoubtly touching BreeAnn's heart with every word that escaped his lips.

BreeAnn didn't know what to say and she just nodded.

Zayn smiled and immediately brought his best friend into a hug. BreeAnn didn't hesitate to hug Zayn back. Just after about 6 hours, she has reunited with her best friend, already made plans to move in with him and has promised him that she would be with him. Forever.

The hug was long-lived, yet they pulled away at around the same time. Zayn pressed his forehead against BreeAnn's, taking in her deep, dark brown eyes. Zayn took in every little detail of her. All of her imperfections that made her so perfect in Zayn's eyes.

Zayn rested his hands at BreeAnn's hips and got comfortable at the position where BreeAnn's hands were wrapped around his neck. Zayn looked into BreeAnn's eyes once more before inching his face closer to BreeAnn. His eyelids soon lowered, covering his sparkling eyes.

BreeAnn felt Zayn's minty breath cascade across her own lips. She pressed her lips onto his hastily, so she wouldn't chicken out - which was sure to happen, because BreeAnn would always think the worst.

The kiss was simple, innocent. It symbolized, longing, promise, and of course, love.

They pulled away and Zayn glanced at a clock that was mounted on BreeAnn's light purple walls.

Zayn's words were;

"It's 12:13AM. I told you that I would see you on the 15th of February in 2013."

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