I love velvet and thought it would be fun to write a poem about velvet.


1. Velvet

I am your velvet ribbon
That holds your heart
While birds whisper
As you touch my soul

The night is dark and lonely
Without a light to see
Then you smile
To light the way for me

Your voice so soothing
Like the wind you move
Your mood of love
Leaves no doubt

You give your all
To my heart
With a touch of fire
And a velvet touch

Your fingers play with my soul
Such pleasure I get from you
With our nights of love
I carry passion with me

While I listen for your song
My heart is lost
You will always know
How I feel

So baby hold me close
With your velvet touch
I will give you
The kiss of love

As you lay me on a bed of roses
With velvet sheets
Your fingers touch my lips
With a velvet touch

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