By Now

(Harry Styles Fanfiction) Ella is your average hard working 19 year old girl. She has Brown hair and Baby blue eyes. Ella works at A CD store right in the heart of London. One day when Ella goes to work Harry Styles walks in. Ella loved music so she has listened to one direction before but has never really seen what they look like at all. Harry and Ella talk for a while when a heart renching story comes up. Harry doesn't know what to say. But before anything could happen Niall rips him out of the store cause they where late for rehearsals. Ella was so upset. Harry and her got on really well. Ella thought shed never see him again, until one day they get reunited. Favorite and like PLEASEEEEE!! :D and I love all you opinions so comment! <3


4. We're here

Ella's POV. We finally arrived to his house and settled. "Harry?" I asked. "Yes Ella?" He asked. "Do you mind if I wash up?" I asked. "Go right ahead. The bathrooms that way and there's towls in there. Oh and ill leave you some clothes on my bed." He said. "Ok thanks." I said making my way to the bathroom. "Oh and Ella." He said. "What?" I asked. "Ill be down the hall taking a shower in the other bathroom." He mentioned. "Okie dokie." I giggled. After I closed the door and locked it and took all my clothes off, I got into the shower. The warm water felt nice on my body. After I was done I turned the water off and grabbed a towl. I wrapped the towl around my whole body and walked out. I entered Harry's room and BAM he was naked! "AHHHH!" I screeched. "OH MY GOD!" He yelled looking at my naked body. My towl must've fell when I let go to cover my eyes. He pulled his blanket off the bed and wrapped himself in it. I picked up my towl and did the same. Once we both put on out wraps we stared at each others faces. And out of no wear he laughed. "What! How is that funny?" I yelled. He still giggled. "You should've seen your face!" He exclaimed. " my face what about yours?!?" I started to giggle with him. I went over by the bed and sat next to him. Once the laughing died down he turned and faced me. "Ella we never did finish what we started." He said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "At the store.." He said. I was still drawing a blank though and my face showed him that. "Our kiss!" He helped out. "Oh uh your write." I giggled. I leaned in and in stead of kissing his full lips I kissed his cheek. "Maybe when where dressed." I suggested. I swooshed his hair all crazy and walked out.
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