By Now

(Harry Styles Fanfiction) Ella is your average hard working 19 year old girl. She has Brown hair and Baby blue eyes. Ella works at A CD store right in the heart of London. One day when Ella goes to work Harry Styles walks in. Ella loved music so she has listened to one direction before but has never really seen what they look like at all. Harry and Ella talk for a while when a heart renching story comes up. Harry doesn't know what to say. But before anything could happen Niall rips him out of the store cause they where late for rehearsals. Ella was so upset. Harry and her got on really well. Ella thought shed never see him again, until one day they get reunited. Favorite and like PLEASEEEEE!! :D and I love all you opinions so comment! <3


1. The Story

Ella's POV. I ran into work with tears in my eyes; my mascara flowing down my red cheeks. DING! The bell went off as I opened the door. "Ella, your lat- what's wrong?" My boss Ricky asked. I sighed and took a deep breath. I looked up at Ricky a said "M-my mother, she's d-dead." I said looking back down. I put my hands over my face to hide the tears. "Oh love, you can have the day off." He said patting my back. "N-No, it's ok I need the money." I said walking over to the cashier desk. "Alright" he sighed "but if you change your mind, tell me." He let out. He walked back to his office or what us coworkers say the closet cause it was so small. When he closed the door I ran to the bathroom. I looked in the small mirror and whipped the black mascara of of my cheeks. And I attempted to fix my rats nest you call hair. I put it in a high bun that I usually only wore when I was sick or late for class. "Hello?" I heard a raspy voice call out. "Just a moment." I yelled taking one last look in the dirty mirror and ran to the cashier desk. He giggled. "Hi." He said nicely. He looked at what I was wearing and giggled to himself. I had to admit it wasn't the best day so I just wore green sweat pants by pink and a grey sweater with green letters saying Pink. Oh and I was wearing my pink slipper boots. I just ignored his little giggle. "Ehem.. I'm Ella how may I help you?" I said with possibly the fakest smile ever. "Hello Ella I'm Harry, I was wondering if you had an oasis CD?" He asked with a big smile, mocking mine. "Well Harry, yes we do." I said. I made my way around the desk and to the 'o' section. "L...M...N...ahh here we are O." I said. I found one of the oasis CDs and handed it to Harry. "Thank you beautiful." He said smiling at me. I rolled my eyes. "What's wrong gorgeous?" He asked. "Ugh." I groaned. "I've just had the worst day of my life and I'm really not in the mood to be hit on right now." I explained. "Sorry I just speak my mind." He said. "Really well you really don't want to know what's on my mind! I hollered. "Ok ok sorry... But erm if you don't mind me asking... Why is today horrible?" He asked finally sounding sinsere. I sighed and looked down again. I could feel the tears before they even came down. "My mother s-she died earlier this morning." I told him. He gasped. I couldn't hold it in anymore. My tears spilled out of my eyes. I shivered as if warm hand touched my chin. He pulled my head up. Our faces inches apart. His eyes where staring directly into mine. "Love, it's gonna be alright , I'm hear for you." He said. He came closer leaving us centimeters apart. "Be strong." He let out. He leaded in making our lips meet for a light kiss before his lips ripped off of mine. Some guy with blonde hair and a think Irish pulled him off of me and said. "C'mon hazza were gonna be late." I grabbed a pen and paper and scribbled down my #. I ran out the doors to give it to Harry but it was to late. They pulled away and left.
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