By Now

(Harry Styles Fanfiction) Ella is your average hard working 19 year old girl. She has Brown hair and Baby blue eyes. Ella works at A CD store right in the heart of London. One day when Ella goes to work Harry Styles walks in. Ella loved music so she has listened to one direction before but has never really seen what they look like at all. Harry and Ella talk for a while when a heart renching story comes up. Harry doesn't know what to say. But before anything could happen Niall rips him out of the store cause they where late for rehearsals. Ella was so upset. Harry and her got on really well. Ella thought shed never see him again, until one day they get reunited. Favorite and like PLEASEEEEE!! :D and I love all you opinions so comment! <3


3. It's you!

Harry's POV. I moved the coats out of her face and saw... "Ella?" I asked. She looked at me with disbelief. "Harry?" She asked. Ella's POV. I went to a club with my friend Sammie. I had been really depressed for many reasons. First off my mother died about 3 months ago. And cause I couldn't forget what Harry said to me. *flashback* "Be strong." *present time* I had been trying to be as strong as I could its just everything is being taken away from me. My mom and now Harry. Of coarse I think about it all the time so at the club, seeing all these guys reminded me of Harry. Then one called me gorgeous just like Harry did when we met. So I ran to the bathrooms. But when I opened the door it was just a closet. But whatever it will do. I sat there and cried for what felt like hours until I saw.. Harry walk in. "Ella?" I couldn't believe my eyes. "Harry?" I asked. He nodded. He closed the door leaving us two in there alone." W-what are you doing here? And why are you in a closet?" He asked. I didn't know what to tell him so I told him everything from the past time I saw him to now. He had tears in his eyes. "What's wrong Harry?" I asked. "Ella do you really have feelings for me?" He asked. I looked down and then back up at him. "Y-Yeah" I responded. He pulled me close and rested my head on his shoulder. "Harry?" I asked. "Yes beautiful?" He said. "Can we get out of here?" I asked. "Yes." He sighed with relieve that I wanted to leave too.
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