By Now

(Harry Styles Fanfiction) Ella is your average hard working 19 year old girl. She has Brown hair and Baby blue eyes. Ella works at A CD store right in the heart of London. One day when Ella goes to work Harry Styles walks in. Ella loved music so she has listened to one direction before but has never really seen what they look like at all. Harry and Ella talk for a while when a heart renching story comes up. Harry doesn't know what to say. But before anything could happen Niall rips him out of the store cause they where late for rehearsals. Ella was so upset. Harry and her got on really well. Ella thought shed never see him again, until one day they get reunited. Favorite and like PLEASEEEEE!! :D and I love all you opinions so comment! <3


2. 3 months later..

Harry's POV. It's been 3 months since the day I saw her. I've never felt so alone. I mean I have the lads and my family and of course other friends. But all of them could tell I wasn't the same. I have forgiven Niall cause well he didn't know. That day I saw her run out the store brought me to tears. I watched her until she was to small to see anymore. She was everything, I know that sounds stupid but when her lips met mine it was like no other sensation. The sparks where there. Even if the kiss was only 5 seconds and not 5 minutes it was the best kiss I've ever had. Her lips were so luscious. I'm usually one not to believe at love at first sight but I just don't know anymore. "Harry, you ready mate?" Louie asked me. Tonight the boys finally got me to leave the house. We were gonna go to this club. They wanted to prove to me that I could be happy without Ella. "I'm ready." I said. *later at club* The music is so loud. There's a bunch of slutty girls grinding all over me. I felt out of my element. I walked over to what I thought was a bath room but was a closet. I opened the doors. Just coats. I was about to close the door before I heard a familiar sob. I opened the door and looked down this time. I saw feet with black heels. The coats were covering her face so I moved the coats out of her face and saw....
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