Katniss Everdeen's life has been changed forever. And she knows that it wasn't just a freak accident. Somebody did this on purpose and Katniss will find out whom. Along the way she learns to live a normal life with the help of her new friend Gale and a boy who keeps coming into her life. Katniss/Peeta


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September   Mom drove me home after my first day back in high-school for grade twelve. It's been a great day, I have to say. Except when mom didn't see the crazy transport truck driver jump the median on the expressway, someplace trucks are not welcome on. And that's why I'm now in a coma-for whatever reason-in a hospital, not knowing if my mom is alive or if anyone else knows what's happened to us.   It's not like we needed this accident; normally everyone's rides in the expressway are uneventful and smooth-going. Not this one. In my coma, I feel as if I'm living a nightmare. The accident replays in my mind over and over again, which tends to beat the infinite black background on which the mare plays on.   Mom leans to scratch her knee while still holding the wheel and turns her vision slightly towards me to ask me a question: are you looking forward to your last year here in high school? and that's when I see the truck actually back up from it spot on the opposite side of the road, rev up extremely loud that you can hear and smell the rubber burn, and speed quickly, flying over the ramp-like median and slamming us down.   I had watched everything like I wasn't actually sitting in the brand new car that mom had bought last month as the start to a new school year. The car that was said to be built with high-class professional technology and designed to protect all the passengers in the car. The car definitely didn't do it's job.   No, I saw how the truck hit our car. It was like we were a soda can, the front end ramming into our front end, all of us-me and my mom-fall back against our chairs as we were tossed (our car I mean) upside down, beneath the truck.   I wasn't able to move at that time, I know that for sure, and I can't remember what happened to mom exactly. But I did see the truck driver's eyes as he stepped out of his truck, unharmed. At first his coal-black eyes shined maliciously as he tore from the scene of the crime, but for a split second I saw remorse and guilt invading them. But that wasn't enough to make me think he was sorry. And as the paramedics came and called out to me to hold on as long as I could until they rescued me, that was the last I remembered.   December   I hear voices suddenly and the dull hum of Christmas shows on a television. I see a faint line of light running across the holes of black and am being pulled towards the light. Seeing the light makes my eye lashes flutter and I opened them to see a white room with machinery all around.   To my right I see the television and a woman with blond hair sitting beside my bed, holding my hand rubbing it softly. Watching the television is a young teenage girl who is like a miniature of the woman beside me.   "Momma? Prim?" my voice croaks.   The woman and girl turn at my voice and tears instantly fill their eyes.   "Katniss," she says softly. Yep, that's momma. "Baby, it's so good to hear your voice and see your eyes. I've missed you so much. I'm sorry about the accident, I'll never forgive myself. Are you okay? How are you feeling honey?"   "Momma, I'm glad you're okay. Don't worry, I'm fine, and please, momma, don't blame yourself. What's happened since?" I ask, giving my mom a hug and then moving to Prim to hug her too. However when I move my waist and legs, I am stuck, so it's a bit of an awkward hug for me.   "You've missed about three months in a coma. The doctors at the hospital here have been taking good care of you. We don't know who hit you both though. The lawyer was waiting for you so that you could put your input for the search and claim against the driver. In a minute a doctor's coming to do a physical check up on you now that you're awake. Oh, Katniss, you scared me so much, I thought I would never see your silver-grey eyes ever again," Prim says to me, clinging onto my arm.   I nod and look up to see the doctor entering the room. He comes over to my bedside and introduces himself.   "Hello Katniss, I'm doctor Aurelius. I'm going to do some checking up on you to see how your limbs react from the crash, okay?" Dr. Aurelius says kindly.   At the word 'crash', I am instantly back in September watching the truck speed into us and feeling the strong uncomfortable pain.   I don't know how long I'm in this zone, but I soon hear the doctor's voice, trying to gain my attention and I zone back in.   "What's wrong?" Dr. Aurelius asks.   "N-nothing," I reply, not wanting anyone to know what happened during the accident as long as that driver walks this earth.   The doctor tests my reflexes and makes me stand up and walk around. But I don't accomplish anything. I don't feel anything in my legs whatsoever. I end up falling over, narrowly missing the chance to crack open my head on the floor.   The doctor and my mom help me up after catching me and I'm placed back on my bed.   "Doctor, why did she do that?" momma asks, holding my hand.   "Well, it seems to me, that she has been paralyzed from the accident. I also think that her being in a coma didn't help as well. I believe though, since she does have movement in her upper body that she is only paralyzed from the waist down," the doctor says.   "What?" I ask, doing a double take.   "Oh my God," momma murmurs, enveloping me in her arms.   Prim just stands there in shock.   "We will have to get you set up right away then. I'll let you and your family speak to the hospital's family councilor and they'll be able to help you with insurance costs and coping at home and at school with your new way of life. I'm sorry about this all. I wish it wasn't going to be like this, I really do," the doctor says and leaves the room quietly as my momma and Prim comfort me through our sobbing spells.
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