chase me

*competition 1SHOT41D*

kat wakes up to a note on the pillow next to her. she does as it says, but where will it lead her?


1. 'life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get'

I woke up to an empty space in the bed. I sat up and scanned the room. I looked at the alarm clock and sighed '9:34, 14/2/13' how could he ditch me on valentines day? I yanked the covers off me, placed my feet into my fluffy white slippers, stood up and made the bed. as I was arranging the pillows something slid of the bed and landed in-between my feet. I bent down, picked it up and slowly opened it. 'go to the kitchen, go under the sink and there you will find something pink' it read. I smiled to myself and trailed down the winding stairs and into the kitchen, still with the note in my hand.

I knelt down next to the sink and carefully opened the doors in case something jumped out on me. I opened the doors and there sat a pink box of chocolates in the shape of a love heart with a red ribbon tied around it. I took the box out of the cupboard, placed it in my lap and pulled the ribbon of. I opened the lid of the box and there in the box sat another note but no chocolates. I peeled the bit of paper open 'life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. I don't want you to fret but I want you to drive to where we first met'. I let out a little laugh, grabbed my keys and pulled my ugg boots on still in my pyjamas. I hopped to the car and drove to the theatre where we first met. the night we met he was doing a concert and I was walking home from my job as a radio technician. I was walking home on the phone to my friend emma talking about meeting up someday, I decided to take a sip of my coffee when someone speed walking in a green hoodie walked past me and spilt it down my face. 'what do you think your playing at?' I ranted at the person. 'I-im so sorry' he panicked brushing me down. he stood back up straight and removed his glasses, staring at me in the eyes. our eyes locked and the world around us went still, we started moving closer together and our lips met. it was the most amazing kiss I've ever had. we pulled away slowly and he grabbed my hand 'why don't you come back to my place, you know to get you cleaned up' he flashed me a killer smile. I smiled and nodded, there is no way anyone could resist with that smile.

I walked into the foyer not knowing what to look for. I went and sat down on one of the red fabric chairs in the middle of the room. a man in a black tuxedo waltzed over to me and greeted me with a single rose in one hand and a bit of paper in the other. I smiled at him, took the things of him and thanked him, he bowed and backed away. I once again opened the piece of paper and read out the riddle 'I know you don't like to be on the stage, but why don't you go into an actors cave?'. actors cave? what does he mean actors cave? I got up out of the chair and started to wander around. the man in the tuxedo came and stood in front of me. I looked at him with confusion, he smiled back at me and ushered me to follow him by using his arm and extending it. I complied and followed him. he led me to the stage, the lights that were beaming down on the stage were switched on, but the lights above the seats were off.

The man walked up the stairs leading to the stage, to the side of the stage and into a dressing room with nothing but the lights around the mirror on. the man led me into the room, walked out and closed the door behind him. I looked around the room looking for the next note. I noticed it on the makeup table along side to some mascara and a hair brush. I put the rose on the table and picked up the note 'now I want you to go back to where you work because I know you will smirk'. I walked back through the foyer to my car and drove to the radio station I work at. I walked into the building and went straight to my office. I sat down on my chair and examined my clutter filled desk. I found the note tucked into my pencil holder. I pulled it out and read it 'come into the studio and stand by the mic, I think I have something that you'll really like' I placed the paper down on my desk and walked to the studio that was down the hallway. I went into the room and sat on the chair by the mic and pressed play 'hey babe, happy valentines day. im really sorry that I couldn't be there to make you breakfast in bed, a day without you is what I dread. but I want to say how much I love you and also that you have stolen my heart and with out you I would fall apart. this is your final part of your clues, so I would like you to cruise back home, for a reason that to you is unknown'. a tear started to build in my eye.

I turned the sound system of and walked out to get into my car. I drove home and nervously opened the door. 'hello?' I said with a smile growing on my face. I walked into the kitchen and placed my keys on the counter. I turned around to see harry stood in front of me with a rose in his hand 'for you' he smiled and handed me the rose. I took it from him blushing 'why are you so nervous?' he laughed. I shrugged my shoulders giggling 'shall we?' 'we shall' I laughed taking his hand. 'you cant look yet' he said putting his hands over my eyes and guiding me. he made me sit down on a chair and removed his hands. in front of me was a little table with a bunch of little yellow sunflowers in a vase and two red wax candles either side of them with the flame being blown side to side. there was a knife, fork and a spoon to the right of me. harry walked out with two plates in his hand and placed one in front of me and one in front of him.

'tacos? very romantic' I laughed, he joined in with me 'its my speciality' he said picking his first one up and taking a messy bite out of it. I laughed 'what?' he smiled 'you've got a bit of-' I leant over the table and wiped some sauce of his face with my thumb, he smiled 'thanks' 'no problem' I smiled back. he put his taco down on his plate and looked up at me, I looked back at him. he pushed his chair backwards standing up 'its a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do, hey baby I think I want to marry you' he sang as he reached into his back pocket. my heart started to race. he pulled out a little red box 'is it the look in your eyes or is it this dancing juice, hey baby I think I want to marry you' he knelt down onto one knee and opened up the little box. I stared at him, unable to move in shock ' you?' he smiled that killer smile once again. I dropped my taco on my plate and started to nod frantically, tears forming and escaping my eyes. I started laughing and dropped to the floor with him so we were both on our knees. we both started laughing with happiness and he hugged me, I hugged back even tighter. we pulled away from each other and he took the little silver ring out of the box and pushed it on my finger. I held my hand up examining the ring 'its gorgeous' I cried 'you're gorgeous' he hugged me again and I wrapped my arms around him tight. he pulled away still holding me by the waist 'I love you so much' he said with tears growing in his eyes 'I love you too' we stood up and I jumped onto him wrapping my limbs around him. he kissed my head as I rested my head on his shoulder breathing in his scent from his neck. it finally sunk going to be Mrs Styles. 


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