A Time To Remember


1. The Time Before

They woke up that morning excited and ready to go.

Kira and Cammie's eyes flashed open at the same second and their head slowly looked to the clock -5 am-. Then Cammie stood up and looked out the window. The sun was just coming up, there was still small stars sprinkled through out the shining navy blue sky,and they twinkled as there last bit of light faded out.All that was left was a baby blue cloudy sky with a bright illuminating ball of beauty glowing reddish pink in the morning haze.

Kira rolled out of bed and said "We should get ready we have to be at work by six."

"yeah,"Cammie replied slowly getting dressed."I'll drive today."

when both girls were ready they got into the car and headed for Mackinaw City Michigan,both girls were both very tired of their jobs at The Pancake Chef but it was the only place that paid enough for their house.

By the time they got off work it was about three pm.They had three hours till they had to leave for their One Direction concert,witch had taken three summers of working and one month of searching for good tickets.Now they were going to see them live two days before valentines day!!!!!!!!!!

They cruised home and busted into the house starting to get ready.After taking a shower both girls were drying their hair and talking about the concert.They had front row tickets and back stage VIP access

Then they went into their rooms deciding what to wear.

Cammie wore a blue plaid shirt for Liam,blue suspenders for Louis,letterman jacket for Zayn,a flat billed hat for Niall,curled her hair for Harry and wore distressed skinny jeans.

Kira wore almost the same but a slight bit different.She had on a red plaid shirt,boots,for Zayn, hoodie for Niall/Louis and a pair of skinny jeans for Harry.

by the time they were ready it was time to leave.So they got in the car and drove to Pellston and took a small flight to Detroit.When they got there they met met up with their friend Chloe Keil who insisted that she would one day become Chloe Styles.

when the concert started every one started screaming very loudly and so did Cammie,Kira,Chloe, Katie and Carly.

At the beginning of what makes you beautiful the boys called up five girls from the audience,and with some weird rush of luck they called up Cammie,Kira,Chloe,Katie, and Carly!!!!!

Louis walked up to them with a microphone"Whats you're name love?"

"I'm Cammie,this is Kira,Carly,Katie,and Chloe."she said pointing to them as she said their names.

"And how old are you?

"I'm 19 in one month,they are all 18 almost 19."

"Well you arn't just a brown eyed beauty, you come over here with me!"

She followed the rest spread out with the other members.Chloe with Harry,Kira with Niall, Katie with Zayn and Carly with liam.

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