A Time To Remember


3. The Special Day

It was Febuary,14,the most romantic day of the year and also the day of the girls big date. They had decided to go for a moonlit picnic next to lake,since the snow had melted early and it was fairly warm. When they got to lake the moon was just coming up and slowly illuminating of the glass-like crystal clear navy blue/black lake.

They spread out a huge quilt that was patterned with music notes drifting orderly all around.then everyone sat around the edges surrounding the food in the center of the blanket.

Then they ate.They ate watermelon,carrots of course,Nando's,and some salads.They also had random extra food lying around,the eating part had been planned perfectly to where now the moon was in place of the sun and a thousand stars where switched in for the presence of one cloud.

Then they eight others that were gazing blankly and openly at the shinning sky with small sparkles glimmering back at them,heard obnoxious laughter.The five looked over to Louis tickling Cammie and they were both laughing like two people hyped up on laughing gas.Untill all of the sudden they randomly stopped and looked at each other,they had the same idea,the same perfect idea.All of the sudden they both jumped up and tore off all their cloths untill all they had on were under cloths witch sparked the idea to take action and the two took off running and jumped into the lake within the five seconds that had passed everyone else ended up in the lake too.

When they came up Louis sneaked a kiss.then said"You're eyes sparkle like drops of midnight sky."

Cammie blushed then dissapeared into the now darkly colored sparkly water.Louis went down after.


The rest of the night every one cuddled with the extra blankets that had been straggling around in random places.

The next thing any one saw was the sun rises setting a multi- colored burst of fire through the sky making the stars seem to disinigrate before you're eyes.No one protested or shifted every one just rested,together like they should be.


Within the next few months Chloe and Harry,Louis and Cammie,Carly and Liam,Kira and Niall, Katie and Zayn,had all moved in together,toured,shown up on red carpets,or stalked by paparazzi on dates.They were together as they were meant to be,Chloe had been right all along,they all really were soul mates.

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