A Time To Remember


2. The First Time

When the concert was over the boys asked the girls to hang out with them a while longer,and obviously no one hesitated or even thought before they said yes.It all worked out perfectly too, Cammie and Louis,Kira and Niall,Chloe and Harry,Carly ans Liam,Katie and Zayn.

Cammie ans Louis joked around,pulled pranks and ran around being hilariously obnoxious.Everyone else just hung out and played video games or talked

Everyone had so much fun and really hit it off .Before the girls left they were all asked to go to dinner tomorrow night,they all said yes attempting not to let their happiness burst out of their bodies int he high pitched sound wave.


The next day all the girls met up with one direction,but they all went on separate places on their dates.


Kira and Niall lounged around in comfy cloths at Niall's and watched some cute movies off on demand.

Cammie and Louie went to the movie's they shared popcorn,salted and buttered,pop,coke,candy, skittles.They saw the movie a haunted soul,but saw none of it because they were laughing too hard.Later they went out for Italian food.

Katie and Zayn went out for pizza and they both talked about their tattoos.

Chloe and Harry went to see a romantic comedy in the bands private screening room.They had so much fun and got really REALLY close.

Carly and Liam went living room camping,they took all the blankets of Liam's bed,sheets and pillows too,and built a fort where they ate junk food and talked.

All the boys and girls decided to go on a big group date on valentines day.

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