The Roommate Dilemma

Author's Note: This story will no long be posted here. I will be relocating to Wattpad permanently, so "The Roommate Dilemma" will be posted there.

Georgina Caverly is a 3rd year, BA. Art History student in the University of San Francisco. In need of a new roommate Georgina is quite hasty with her decisions, thus accepting the first offer. However, the prospective roommate turns out to be male and this is where Georgina meets Drew Kendry, an MBA student in the same university. Drew is charismatic, confident and highly intelligent, he is also not bad to look at- the only down side? Well, he doesn't like girls; he prefers men. So how exactly will Georgina cope with her new roommate's sexual orientation if she finds him too irresistible?


4. Relocating to Wattpad

Story Erased. Relocating to Wattpad Permanently.







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