Forever? (sequel to Summer Love?)

Emily has found out some things about Zayn and their future doesn't seem so bright. What happens when she leaves and they both feel lost without each other? They had so much passion and such a deep love but some things are unforgiveable. Will she ever forgive him? And the big question is: Will they ever put the past behind them and get married?
(Some sex scenes)


5. Without You

Emily's p.o.v

"Mikey, he came here," I sobbed down the phone. "Who?" "Zayn, he was here to win me back." "Are you ok?" "Yes i'm fine but we kissed." "You what?" "He kissed me first and before I knew what I was doing I kissed him back but it was just for a minute." "Did you take him back?" "No! Can you come back? I really need someone to talk to." "Sure, i'll be there in 10 minutes." "Thanks, oh and bring some more chocolate." He hung up and I sunk myself into the couch.

Zayn's p.o.v

I got back to the studio and the boys were singing Nobody Compares. I joined in and started to sing: "There's got to be someway to get you to want me like before..." When we finished I sunk into the couch. "I've messed everything up guys," I said. "What do you mean mate?" Niall asked. "She hates me, she won't take me back. She told me to move on with my life." "I'm sorry lad," Louis said coming to sit beside me. "What am I gonna do?" "I think Dani has a friend who's single if you want me to get her number for you," Liam said. "I don't want anyone else!" I snapped. "Alright mate." "I'm sorry Liam, I appreciate the offer but I just want her. She's all I think about." "You just have to try and move on, it's what she wants you to do." I knew this was true but I don't want to move on. I'm lost without her, i'll never be the same.


<I am lost, I am vain, I will never be the same without you>

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