Forever? (sequel to Summer Love?)

Emily has found out some things about Zayn and their future doesn't seem so bright. What happens when she leaves and they both feel lost without each other? They had so much passion and such a deep love but some things are unforgiveable. Will she ever forgive him? And the big question is: Will they ever put the past behind them and get married?
(Some sex scenes)


30. They Don't Know About Us

Emily's p.o.v

*2 weeks later*

I walked into his house and sat on his couch. "Hi babe," he said to me and kissed my cheek when he came into the room. "Hi, so why did you wanna see me so late?" I asked him. It was 12:30 at night and I was confused when he texted me but came anyway. "I just wanted you to stay over. No problem in that?" "Of course not baby. But i've no clothes with me." "I think some of your stuff is upstairs but if it isn't you can wear something of mine." "Thanks." We went upstairs and put a DVD in. We cuddled up in his bed and when the movie was over we sat up talking.

Zayn's p.o.v

There was a knock on my door. We were both wide awake, we stayed up all night talking. Emily got up and I followed her. I wrapped my arms around her waist from behind and walked with her. She opened the door and it was Harry. "Hey mate," I said. "Can we talk?" he asked. "Yeah, come on in." Harry stepped inside and we walked to the living room. Emily sat on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck. "What's up Haz?" He sighed and replied "I think i'm in love with Abby." "You're what?" Emily said. "In love with Abby. I've had feelings for her for a while and tried to ignore them but now she's pregnant I can't help but wish it was my baby and not Niall's." "Abby's pregnant! I can't believe she didn't tell me!" "I thought you knew Emily. Sorry, but Niall told me and I thought you knew." "Wait to I get my hands on her." "No! Don't tell her you know. Just let her tell you herself. But what will I do?" "Try to push your feelings away. I know a few people that are single, I can hook you guys up if you want." "Really?" "Yeah, they'd be happy to date you." "Thanks Emily. I just want what you guys have." He left after that and we had some fun.


<They don't know about the up all night's, they don't know i've waited all my life just to find the love that feels this right. Baby they don't know about, they don't know about us>

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