Forever? (sequel to Summer Love?)

Emily has found out some things about Zayn and their future doesn't seem so bright. What happens when she leaves and they both feel lost without each other? They had so much passion and such a deep love but some things are unforgiveable. Will she ever forgive him? And the big question is: Will they ever put the past behind them and get married?
(Some sex scenes)


18. Making A Decision

Emily's p.o.v

*2 days later*

I was sitting on the couch in the living room thinking about what I was going to do. It was all I could think about since he asked me to meet him and everything from when I stayed with him was replaying in my mind the whole time. I really did enjoy myself with him. Before everything happened he was the one, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and now I had to make a decision that could change my life forever. I couldn't take it anymore. Yeah he'd hurt me but i'd hurt him too. Maybe i'd actually hurt him more, I don't know but when I thought about it, what he did wasn't that major. He would die for me, I know he would, he's saved me so many times from myself and everyone deserves a second chance in life.


<Would you tremble if I touched your lips? Would you laugh? Oh please tell me this, now would you die for the one you love? Hold me in your arms tonight>

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