Forever? (sequel to Summer Love?)

Emily has found out some things about Zayn and their future doesn't seem so bright. What happens when she leaves and they both feel lost without each other? They had so much passion and such a deep love but some things are unforgiveable. Will she ever forgive him? And the big question is: Will they ever put the past behind them and get married?
(Some sex scenes)


13. I Want You

Zayn's p.o.v

I sat with Niall while she sat in the kitchen alone. Why wouldn't she stay in the same room as me? Am I that bad? "Nialler wanna go jam?" I asked. "Sure mate." We walked to the room with all his guitars and sat down. "What do you wanna sing?" "The Script." Niall started to strum Six Degrees of Separation because he knew it was one of my favorites. We sung the first few verses together and I started to sing the chorus. "1st you think the worst is a broken heart. What's gonna kill you is the 2nd part. And the 3rd is when your world splits down the middle. And 4th your gonna think that you fixed yourself. 5th you see them out with someone else and the 6th is when you admit you may have fucked up a little."

Emily's p.o.v

I heard singing, I recognized Niall's voice but then Zayn started singing himself. I followed the voice to Niall's guitar room. I stood outside the door and listened. They finished singing. "That was good," Niall said. "Yeah. She hates me Niall. I've fucked everything up, it's all my fault. Why am I so stupid?" "You're not stupid mate. You thought you'd never see Katie again and you moved on. She'll take you back eventually. I know she will because she needs you more than you think." I opened the door. "That was really good guys," I said. They both turned around. "Did you just hear us talking?" Zayn asked. "Yeah, you did fuck up Zayn and I hate you." "That's harsh Emily," Niall said. "It's the truth. That's why I came to talk to Abby. To tell her how much I hate you." "You don't hate him. I can see in your eyes that you really love him." "I don't Niall!" I walked out of the apartment annoyed at him.



<There's still a little bit of your song in my ear. There's still a little bit of your words I long to hear. You step a little closer to me, so close that I can't see what's going on>

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