Forever? (sequel to Summer Love?)

Emily has found out some things about Zayn and their future doesn't seem so bright. What happens when she leaves and they both feel lost without each other? They had so much passion and such a deep love but some things are unforgiveable. Will she ever forgive him? And the big question is: Will they ever put the past behind them and get married?
(Some sex scenes)


12. I Stll Feel You

Zayn's p.o.v

I threw myself back on my bed and sighed. I could still feel her in the house, I felt happier after seeing her today. My heart skipped a beat when she walked in. But she hates me, I know she does. She looked beautiful today and I couldn't get her out of my mind. Her face just looked so kissable. I wanted to kiss her, tell her how beautiful she is and just hold her in my arms. I could feel her in this house. I needed to get out. I walked out of the house and went to Niall's.

Emily's p.o.v

I opened the door of the apartment and walked towards Niall and Abby's. I needed a friend to talk to about this and Abby was just the friend. I opened the door and walked in. "Abby! I need to vent!" I shouted. "Abby's not here Emily!" came Niall's voice from the living room. I walked in and there he was. Zayn was sitting beside Niall and it looked like he was crying. "Are you ok?" I asked the guy I once loved. "Yeah," he sniffled. "I'm fine." "Do you know when she'll be back?" I asked Niall. "No, sorry. But you can talk to me if you want." "This is guy talk." "You've got a guy?" Niall asked and I saw Zayn look at me with upset eyes. "No, just normal stuff." "If you want to talk about me i'll leave Emily," Zayn said. "No, you were here first. I'll just go to the kitchen and wait for Abby." "You can wait in here," Niall said. "I can't Nialler. I can't be in the same room as him any longer. I already had to deal with it today at the interview." I walked to the kitchen and sat at the table. While I sat waiting Zayn's face was in my head. Honestly now that I saw him I realized there's still a bit of him I haven't kissed. I wanted to go back in there and kiss him but my hatred over powered my love and I stayed where I was.


<There's still a bit of your ghost, your weakness. There's still a little bit of your face I haven't kissed. You step a little closer each day, that I can't say what's going on>

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