Irish Curse

Two sisters Marie & Alexis had moved to Dublin, Ireland and discovered woods they walked in and did not come out they had no way out did they come out? And if they did what happened is Ireland not a good place? Will they survive? They will try,and if they do they might be CURSED and will they break it?


1. chapter 1

Marie,I hear my mom's tender voice say to me, its the last day in U.S.,We are going to move to Ireland,and you and Alexis will meet your aunts and uncles and cousins, Yes mam,I say I rush to my older sister Alexis's room to tell her to pack her back, she said she will but, mom is waiting so I tell her hurry up! She refuses but, mom gets down she gives her 8 seconds as usual, she always gives us eight seconds, fine! I hear Alexis burst out, She will never ever, understand how mad mom can get, mom spanks her super hard, Alexis burst into tears, I walk away

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