Daughter of Hades

When Percy arrives at camp with a new demigod, she is treated like normal, put in the Hermes cabin, is taught how to fight, and learns the daily routine of Camp Half-Blood. That is until she's claimed.


1. The Manticore

I run down the ally, looking behind me every other second to see if he is still chasing me. It's almost midnight, but the dark doesn't bother me. In fact, it always seems to help me. As I turn my head again, I can see it gaining. A manticore. He has a body like a lion, a face of a human, and a leathery tail, with spikes that shoot out at any moment. I then realize that I'm trapped, so I confront him. I take out my 8 inch long dagger. He prowls toward me, and I start shaking. I have fought monsters, just not one this big. He laughs. "Scared little demigod? You shouldn't be, cause I will finish you off so fast, you'll barely feel a thing." I look around frantically, looking for an exit. Finally, the manticore jumps, and I hold up my dagger, slashing upwards. I hear a shriek of pain. "Oh, you want to play?" Bold is dripping from the long, deep cut above his eye. The manticore crouched down, and spikes came flying from his tail. I duck, and dive behind a dumpster to avoid being hit. A sharp pain then hits me just below my knee. I almost faint from the pain. I glance down to see a spike half way buried in my leg, I brace myself and grab it, then pull upwards. My vision is covered with black spots, and I groin with pain. "Come on out little demigod, I'm hungry, and your invited to dinner." I limp out from behind the garbage, and find my target. I grip my knife, and fling it forward, sending it towards him. Just then I look up to see horses with huge wings flying overhead, Pegasi. I see a boy jump down from the horse, and uncap a pen, with turns into a sword. He charges the manticore, all while I lay on the ground, gasping for air. The spikes must be poisonous. After a few minutes, a golden dust covers the ground, and I look up to see a boy with sea green eyes looking over me with concern. He turns to talk to the other person. "Grover, we have to get her back to camp right away, those things are poisonous." He then gently picks me up. "What is your name?" He quietly asks me. "Alex," I barely manage to cough out. He starts walking towards the pegasi, and that's when I black out.
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